Sunday, August 22, 2010

“i don’t care about what you are. i care about what you did”

once you read this you’ll probably figure out what sparked it.

let’s start with simple and subtle incidents.

  • i used to work in the campus store at my university (unc-chapel hill). i often would get the ‘do you go here’ question by customers young and old, which i let slide since i didn’t want to “be so sensitive” however, one day a likable enough (ha) lady came up and struck a conversation with me. then she said, “oh do you go to [north carolina] central?” if anyone isn’t from nc, central is the local hbcu that’s 20 minutes away. now…what sense would it make for to drive all the way to ANOTHER university to work?
  • if somebody asks where i’m from, and i tell them. i get “oh did you go to hillside? (the worst performing school in the city)” nope, i went to the n.c. school of science and math. google it bitch, we have a wikipedia page. why would you assume i went to hillside?
  • one day one of the black frats was stepping in the pit (a place in the middle of campus where many groups pub and do little performances). a lady asked, “oh are they visiting from another campus?”

and this is stuff i just thought of in the last 2 minutes off the top of my head. i haven’t mentioned the race of these people. but i’m sure it’s pretty obvious. these people in their hearts of course would never believe that they’re racist. when you call them on it they get angry or call you sensitive or cry or some other diversionary bullshit other than confronting themselves and critically thinking about why they said or did these things.

we’re not going to get into the blatant stuff.

watch the vid and peep game from my 2nd favorite biracial man, jay smooth.

there’s more to acting racist than just calling people nigger. it’s usually that little thing called dismissing the feelings and input of a specific group or people. or better yet, not seeing an individual but seeing a [insert race] person. (fine example: laura ingraham’s simple ass writing in her trash book “the obama diaries” that michelle obama would eat ribs all day. the same michelle obama who makes a point to work out on a regular basis and sponsors a healthy eating initiative. she didn’t see michelle obama. she saw a black person. and you know how those negros love their pork!) and while you may not BE a racist (at least in your own eyes)…some of ya’ll do and say some racist ass shit. and after a while the little slights start to add up. so excuse the hell out of some of us for being “hypersensitive”

geez louise i just wrote my first real blog entry in literally months. i’m rusty.…somehow i think i just became apathetic about life. i’m working on it. i originally wrote this for my tumblr but i decided to post it here first since i seemed to have gained a few new followers even though i haven't updated in a while.

lucyyyyyy, i'm hoooooooooome.