Sunday, June 28, 2009

i hope i never get this bored again...

i watched the bet awards...why?
i should have done my laundry.

i understand that they had to make it in 3 days...but really?

the most long ass awkward pauses and obvious teleprompter reading. they were never ready for nothing.

jamie foxx performing all willy nilly just to fill space.

sponsored by cititrends? i guess.

ciara should never sing ballads live. ever.

randomly busting out in mj tributes that make no sense.

chaka about to burst with her 5 girdles on.

eddie from the ojay's saying 'shit' on tv

ne-yo should always wear a hat. always. he has a fetus head.

t.i.'s ghetto ass baby mama accepting his award -_-

yvette and jody. -_-

the most anticlimactic final performance. with drake et. al. who sat for most of the and please explain why you would have dancing children on stage while you perform "i want to fuck every girl in the world"?!?!? aubrey just sitting talking to 12 year olds in tutus. why don't you just go ahead and phone in your performance.

but JANET!!!! she a good one. i couldn't have spoken on stage. too bad her greasy ass daddy ain't shit, sitting in the audience grinning and shit. i hate joe jackson. if it wasn't for him michael wouldn't have been so fucked up.

in other news i should go to a jamie foxx concert...i'll just put on my zune when 'blame it' comes on

Thursday, June 25, 2009


man....i wanted to roll on the floor like patti when i found out

but i was at work so it would have been inappropriate.

i have nothing else to say that every fucking body else on the planet hasn't already said.
he WAS the most famous person in the world.

i do know his funeral is going to be a hot mess.
everybody and their auntie is about to be acting a fool.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

negros and the tyra show...

i randomly saw this in my insomnia @ conjuredperceptions
i know you're not going to watch this whole thing unless you're extremely bored like i was...
it's basically women talking about bleaching themselves and THEIR KIDS because they're stupid they feel unattractive with their naturally dark brown skin.

first of all, i really think that tyra just uses her show to work out her own issues. hair issues, skin issues, body issues, vagina issues, she always just ends up talking about herself. i guess it's more lucrative than therapy.

i love when she does 'black girrrl' episodes because she always acts a little different. when she's talking about skin color she looks a little more tan. i lmao'd when i saw the episode about black women's hair because she had the nerve to have her hair in cornrows versus the barbie lacefront wig she usually sports and then is chastising women who are sticklers for relaxed hair. smh.

[just because. i don't feel like talking about negros and their hair. it makes me sleepy.]

anyway. being just regular old black [not dark, not light] i never dealt with stereotypes about that shit. i was always considered one of the 'cute' girls even though i wasn't that light. i guess that had to do with me always having long hair which made up for my "flaw" of being brown. when i was younger i wanted to be light with green eyes but that had more to do with me wanting to look like my favorite aunt than anything else. i guess we could question why i thought that aunt was so pretty opposed to my darker skinned one...
i was taught that pretty is pretty and ugly is ugly. no complexion had a patent on either one...

but then when i overhear little girls sitting in the shade rather than playing outside because "i don't want to get dark. i want to be lightskinned and pretty" and dudes outright stating "i only date lightskinned girls" i'm kind of lost for words. well i do have words for those guys...they're usually inexplicably entitled insecure assholes who i wouldn't want to date anyway

but it's 2009! we really still doing this?
if some people spent the time they use thinking about useless things like skin complexion on something more constructive, the world would be a better place...

Friday, June 19, 2009

girl crush.

i was reminded today of a while back when one of my coworkers was talking about his man crush. i honestly believe that all people have someone of the same gender that they have a crush on, famous or not. my girl crush happens to be stacey dash

[this also was my favorite song for like...2 years. oh kanye how i miss thee.]

straight people are like...98% straight. my 2% gay is reserved for stacey, k.d. aubert, jessica white, and jack davey. clearly i have a type. interestingly enough, my actual "type" [or so i'm told by my bff, since i don't believe i have one] is tall nappy-headed yellow boys, go fig.

but seriously. this woman is 6 years younger than my mother [43] and she looks like this

she believably played a 16 year old when she was in her 30s! why is she not more famous? how can you have overrated ass halle berry on magazines as the sexiest woman alive when this woman exists? after clueless she has only existed in shitty black movies i.e. nora's hair salon and random ridiculous reality tv [the celebrity circus]

maybe i don't want her as much as i want her genes...

but for the life of me i can't understand how she's related to this

oh genetics.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

the beauty created.

usually i'm a love hater and i get easily annoyed listening to r&b music because it's so fucking cliche and sappy.

but for some odd reason i've been listening to this album today.
his voice reminds me of the moment when you wake up [sans alarm] and the sun is softly shining in the room as you just quietly lay in the bed.

i'll write about something substantive next time...something has def. been grinding my gears lol

Saturday, June 13, 2009

maaaaaaajor laaaaaaaazer

i'm sooo excited for this album to drop since i LOVE diplo

do yourself a favor and go to their myspace [since imeem SUCKS] and listen to the whole album

i like everything except the nina sky joint, because nina sky sucks eggs.

june 16th!

i gotta wait til the 19th cuz i'm a little broke lol

Thursday, June 11, 2009

when i get bored i take pictures of myself/camera problems

i'm not smiling because 1. i look weird when i smile 2. i was pissed about the stupid black spot

something is wrong with my camera that there is a black spot in all of my photos in the exact same spot. [i photoshopped it out of the pictures, some of them i didn't even bother, kudos to the real photoshoppers out there, that shit is hard especially blending different shades of brown, or maybe i just went the extra difficult route] i'm taking it to the shop when i get some money. hopefully it doesn't mean there's some minuscule hole in my camera that's causing it and is irreparable which will force me to buy a new one rather than save for rent in the fall...which is def. what i would do :-\

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

what i do when i get home.


[i know i shouldn't have downloaded this and waited and paid for it like her other shit, but it just fell into my lap and that would have been an impossible thing to try to ignore since i fiend for muhsinah. but gaaaaaahdamn, i will definitely buy it when it drops. it's fucking ridonkulous.]

[heard it was good, hope it isn't disappointing]


don't call me please.

Monday, June 1, 2009

i love jay smooth

i was catching up on my youtube subscriptions and saw this video

i want him.
i don't care that he's like...40
prime example of how intelligence is sexxayyy.
i swoon with every vlog he makes.

haaz sleiman

so i was putting henna in my hair and was bored so i put one of my mom's crappy dvds in to entertain myself (my mom has horrible taste in movies)

the movie happened to be mad money but luckily i just watched the previews and saw this

and it went to "sweet jesus, who is that?!?"

i promptly stopped the abortion of a movie that is mad money and went to go watch 'the visitor' on surfthechannel. not ashamed to say that i watched an oscar nominated movie just to look at that man. i could talk about the movie which is a pretty ok story on immigration in post 9/11 america (his character is syrian) but it is basically the white guy finding himself through his relationship with the brown guy, but that's irrelevant compared to this

too bad he's gay ~ this link to the trailer will probably only interest derek

but one can still look/google stalk

he's going to be on the new series 'nurse jackie' playing a gay muslim nurse...yeah i'm not too interested in that and don't have showtime anyway. i feel like there's too many ways that that could go wrong in execution.