Thursday, July 31, 2008

john mccain

i don't even give a fuck about his politics.
i'm kind of sick of politics at this point.

i just feel bad for him.
i like old people.

i just feel like he should be in florida somewhere wearing a pair of comfortable house shoes and a soft robe sitting in his favorite chair watching "touched by an angel" drinking a hot toddy.
[and getting treatment for that cancer on his face. but that's neither here nor there.]
dude can't even lift his arms all the way. what kind of symbol is that for america to portray to the rest of the world. call me age-ist but this dude is too old to be leading a country. half the time he can't remember shit. he still thinks that czechoslovakia is a country, that iraq and pakistan share a border, and can't tell the difference between a sunni and a shiite. that's not the type of person you really need helming a the middle east.

perhaps one of my main problems is...he does not know how to use the internet.
at all.
and that's fine for any other 72 year old person...but not the leader of a crumbling superpower in an ever-advancing technological age.

personally, when i get old i plan on being that old lady that does not give a bit of a fuck. i will live in my house with either my old ass husband or a bunch of dogs drinking margaritas every day and saying whatever the fuck i want. i will wear church hats on the weekends even though i don't go to church just because i feel all old black women need a church hat. i will drive a burgundy buick and will demand my senior citizens discount every where i go because i am cheap. i will even play bingo, but only to socialize because i will not like bingo.

that's the life that i feel that john mccain should have. playing bingo on the weekends and off my gotdamn tv.

obama is not black jesus or the great black hope. he's a fucking politician...but i'd rather trust that new n*gga over there than granpa mccain.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

michelle obama

i stans for michelle.
if you want an argument all you have to do is talk bad about her.
i actually like her more than i like barack.
and there is no rhyme or reason.
she's like the claire huxtable of the 21st century. and everybody likes claire huxtable.

and i'm not the only one.

Monday, July 28, 2008

true shit.

i stole this from some random place that i can no longer remember.

true as shit though.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


i'm in the mood to do something reckless.

i think i'll just settle for another tattoo.

and i'll probably find other spontaneous ways to spend money

woop woop.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


last week i saw a fly with only one wing...

i didn't want to kill it because i felt that it had suffered enough in it's tiny little life...but then i realized that it was probably fucking miserable and would likely starve to death pretty i stepped on it...


Wednesday, July 16, 2008


i don't really like talking about religion because technically i don't actually claim one. i believe in a genderless god. that is the extent of my religiousness.

but i just thought about it because of a lecture i received from my mother about an hour ago.

yesterday i happened to overdraft my bank account and racked up a few sucks but it happens. however, my mom invited herself into my room not too long ago and informs me that the reason why this happened is because i have not been going to church and tithing.

not because i have been irresponsible with my money.
not because i haven't been budgeting like i should.
because i haven't been tithing. and she told me that my money is cursed and that i will continue to have financial problems until i tithe. i'm only half listening and slightly irritated because she interrupted my watching the daily show.

so i said if that is the case then that means that everyone who tithes never has financial problems...she justified it saying that they may have problems but god always makes a way for them. [we all know that that is not the case]so i argued couldn't my problem just be a temporary problem but she argued that that is not the case and it is because of my non-tithing.

the majority of people that claim to be christians constantly flip flop and twist things to fit their world view, just like everyone else who strictly follows some sort of religion. if you really wanted to get technical with it and actually studied the bible rather than listening to what someone told you to believe, you'd learn that the tithe was actually an old testament practice that was used to help the poor and needy, NOT to help fund the church. those were in the form of free-will offerings. i HATE HATE HATE those prosperity ministry pastors such as creflo dollar [who my parents enjoy watching every night @ 7:30 while they eat dinner, which is why i work so that i get home at 8] who claim that you should tithe so that you can be financially blessed.

if that is not the most selfish and least humble thing i have ever heard. one should donate to their church and help the poor and needy because they feel that is right and it is what god would want them to do, not because if i donate some money to the church it will be returned back to me. to me that is complete bullshit. also these pastors that write these books for sale piss me off too. if your job is to help the people and you are god's selfless servant then you should give that shit away for free if it helps god's people. the only religious people that i fully respect are those such as nuns [minus that whole married to jesus thing] who give up all their earthly trappings and devote their lives to helping people and glorifying god. the majority of modern day preachers [especially black ones] infuriate me. the work of "god's servants" is to serve the people, not to try to gain money. i'm not one of those people that believes that a pastor should be poor, but i don't believe that he should make his living from preaching.

ugh...what was i originally talking about again?

oh yeah. i'm broke as shit.

Monday, July 14, 2008

damn it india.

why did i totally and completely sleep on india arie's last album? like total slumber.

this song is basically all i've been listening to for the last 3 days...that and her country sounding joint with rascal flatts
her and amel larrieux still make me all peaceful and shit

bleh. i'm sick of summer.

Monday, July 7, 2008


ever have that feeling where you have a lot moves that you should be making and shit you should be doing all the while feeling like you don't have enough time or even the capability to do so?
then you look at everyone else and think that everyone is miles ahead of you and contemplate that you might end up living at your parent's house with no better career options than a temp, burger flipper, or a hooker?
or do you feel like your social life is really shitty and you've wasted half of your college years not meeting enough new people and basically being a miserable misanthrope who is destined to die single and friendless with a house full of ugly ass cats even though you really don't like cats?

no? neither.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

viacom does not care about black people.

first of all i don't understand how ONE company controls the dissemination of almost all music on television but anyway.

first they took over a pretty decent channel and turned it into the clusterfuck that is now known as BET. do people even still watch this channel?

after they completely turned BET into garbage, apparently they didn't feel like they were shitting on black folks enough and turned their sights to VH1. i remember when i was little, VH1 was the old people music channel and i only watched it for pop-up video. now VH1 only shows music before 12 pm and the rest is filled with the fuckery that is now known as "celebreality"

they started it all with the human cockroach known as flavor flav. i wish all of the unhappiness in the world upon this man. him and lil wayne, who interestingly enough could pass for his son... this brought us the black lamb chop also known as miss new york. i hope she is blinded by those tacky ass fake eyelashes she insists on wearing...

all of this led to this.

uncle. fucking. luke has his own tv show. the king of booty music has his own show. i only know this because i was up @ 5 am and decided that i should see what music videos the kids are watching nowadays....

first i see fucking new kids on the block. wtf? 30 year old white men do not need to be singing bubblegum pop.
then the pussycat dolls...ew. nicole whateverherlastnameis is actually a talented singer and she's wasting it dancing around in a group dressed like a cheap 80's prostitute
then adele [no complaints, i love her even though her accent is annoying at times]

after this is done...some black woman's naked ass flying around a pole shows up on my tv screen. this is the start of a commercial for what is sure to be a show that is chock full of utter foolishness also known as luke's parental advisory....sigh.

aside: while VH1 is showing black people in random acts of tomfoolery...they simultaneously promote the hell out of white "soul" singers. like this guy. and now i will go and illegally download his songs and add him to my fast growing list of white "soul" singers.

i really need to stop watching tv.