Thursday, July 3, 2008

viacom does not care about black people.

first of all i don't understand how ONE company controls the dissemination of almost all music on television but anyway.

first they took over a pretty decent channel and turned it into the clusterfuck that is now known as BET. do people even still watch this channel?

after they completely turned BET into garbage, apparently they didn't feel like they were shitting on black folks enough and turned their sights to VH1. i remember when i was little, VH1 was the old people music channel and i only watched it for pop-up video. now VH1 only shows music before 12 pm and the rest is filled with the fuckery that is now known as "celebreality"

they started it all with the human cockroach known as flavor flav. i wish all of the unhappiness in the world upon this man. him and lil wayne, who interestingly enough could pass for his son... this brought us the black lamb chop also known as miss new york. i hope she is blinded by those tacky ass fake eyelashes she insists on wearing...

all of this led to this.

uncle. fucking. luke has his own tv show. the king of booty music has his own show. i only know this because i was up @ 5 am and decided that i should see what music videos the kids are watching nowadays....

first i see fucking new kids on the block. wtf? 30 year old white men do not need to be singing bubblegum pop.
then the pussycat dolls...ew. nicole whateverherlastnameis is actually a talented singer and she's wasting it dancing around in a group dressed like a cheap 80's prostitute
then adele [no complaints, i love her even though her accent is annoying at times]

after this is done...some black woman's naked ass flying around a pole shows up on my tv screen. this is the start of a commercial for what is sure to be a show that is chock full of utter foolishness also known as luke's parental advisory....sigh.

aside: while VH1 is showing black people in random acts of tomfoolery...they simultaneously promote the hell out of white "soul" singers. like this guy. and now i will go and illegally download his songs and add him to my fast growing list of white "soul" singers.

i really need to stop watching tv.


Nicole said...

i whole-heartedly agree. this shirt is on my wish list:

Choir Boy said...

Fu*k B.E.T.

That is all.