Monday, November 16, 2009


i get bored in class. i doodle.
i get bored at home. i take pictures of it.
i get more bored. i post them on blogger.

say crack one more time - © mean girls
just seeing the word crack in big letters in my notebook makes me giggle a bit.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

lyrics to go IV

when i saw you last night
i wanted to say
run away with me
away from these cynics
this could be the start of
something truly real
but all that i could say
was hey
was hey
was hey
was hey

my mercury's in retrogade.

Monday, November 2, 2009

my retarded hair.

*procrastinationatory babble*

i know i'm not the only kinky headed gal who has this problem, but it's almost comical how different my hair textures are. i literally can't rock a wash&go because i tend to look ridiculous.

here are pics i took the other day freshly washed and squeeze dried with a tshirt with no added hair products.
my hair is pretty much the same length all over but my sides shrink a lot more than what i like to call the mohawk area (the loose texture goes straight back like a mohawk)

you can literally see the point where my hair changes its mind on what it wants to be lol.

my front middle flops onto my forehead and i have to push it back up so that it won't look weird compared to the sides *ignore my makeupless acne'd untamed eyebrowed face, however note the displeasure*

my mohawk area, for the most part, acts right regardless of what i do to it and is obviously a lot looser. my kinky sides...they do not care whatsoever what i desire or what i think about them. i guess i can respect that. they laugh hysterically at any moisturizer i put on them, swallow it in one gulp and look at me expectantly for more. the back of the sides have almost no definition when dry while the back of the middle is springy looks crazy.

top 'o my head

back 'o my head.

after these were taken i promptly twisted my hair since twists make my hair pretend like it's one cohesive texture.

does anyone else have this problem? what do you do? i hate looking like i got a texturizer just in the middle of my head...i'm considering putting one on my sides, but i feel that it could go horribly awry...