Saturday, November 29, 2008

she's just miss popular hybrid

lazing around listening to mingus plays piano and below the heavens
good evening indeed.

thanksgiving is wack.
but i really don't want school to start.
i guess i should be studying or something

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


today was so fucking mundane.

yet it was one of the best days i had in a while.

went to work.
other people bought for me or gave me everything i imbibed [apple juice, iced coffee, fruit, gummies]
my friend who i haven't seen in a while came and bothered me at work.
the six hours surprisingly flew by
i found $10 on the floor of the library
saw another friend i haven't seen in a while
went to tar-jay a.k.a the best store in the world
moms cooked me some catfish which i have been fiending for

the only snag...i lost my old white women for obama pin

can't win 'em all i guess...

Monday, November 24, 2008


fuck it.

little dragon/lykke li/kissey asplund + solitaire = procrastination station.
i obviously need to move to sweden.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


this live version is so fucking awesome.
i've been in such a gnarls mood lately.
especially the more wicked joints.
none of their stuff is really happy though...
what does that mean...

in other musical news. kanye's album made me angry like i thought it would.
i only like basically one song on it which is the joint with lil wayne, surprisingly.
but luckily, he decided to also release a remix album with benzi.
i guess i can't quit you yet kanye.
now i have new music to mosh around my room to @ 3 am.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


am i the only person that will just be sitting around
and then start reading/watching the news
and just say

gotdamn i love barack.
i'm not one of those people who thinks he's black jesus or is going to be the greatest president ever
but gotdamnit he is just so awesome.
i mean did anyone ever think that we'd have a president that loved the fugees AND the wire?
i know i didn't.

how about one that is fit enough to play basketball on a regular basis?

nope. i figured during my life all my presidents would be old boring white men.

i was watching an interview not too long ago with barack and michelle
and they make me so happy
you hardly ever see functional black couples who are in love with each other and not all stuffy and bland on tv AND are good parents at the same time

they exist, you just don't see them in the public eye

that's why black people are so happy about the obamas. we have a positive image of us that the whole world can see...rather than flavor flav, omarosa, or whatever ridiculous stereotypical black image you can think of.

now as much as i love this dude.
i would really like to stop seeing him on all the magazines.
dude was on men's health. men's health? why?
i completely understand why everyone loves this man.

but stop with the complete mindless worship. we still need to watch what he does and question when he merits it. he's still first and foremost a politician.

a fucking awesome one.
but a politician nonetheless.
i can excessively love him because it's not my job to be objective and inform people.

Friday, November 14, 2008


i miss having my car.
i want it just so i can drive through the suburbs and blast shit like this

like a n-word.
i have many surpressed n-word moments
merry friday.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

you can't win

mentioning the wiz yesterday made me think of this song

before mike went all cuckoo for cocoa puffs.
you can't say this song is not pure fire.
i still love it.
i saw this dvd in a bargain bin about two years ago and made a friend buy it for me.

this movie shits all over the wizard of oz.
since the video for 'ease on down the road' won't embed correctly i'll just post a link here
i definitely want to drunkenly dance down the street like that one day.

i obviously mostly post in this blog purely for my own entertainment lol.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

chitty chitty bang bang

anybody who knows me knows i fucking love this movie.

one of my many eccentricities i guess.

i was one of those kids who went to the library once a week and i was allowed to check out books and only one movie [oh vhs]. it was usually either chitty, mary poppins [i love dick van dyke btw, if i were born in the 50's he would have been my zac efron], the wiz [this deserves a post in itself], or that version of peter pan with the woman playing peter.

so i was at work and started singing the song 'toot sweets' to myself and when i got to my room went to youtubing and i found these videos... i fucking love youtube btw.

here's toot sweets

and few of the other vids that made my day

and of course the theme song

this dvd is the first thing on my christmas list.

if i don't buy it myself before then.

i'm aware that this movie is corny.
but i love it.
we all need a little innocent corniness in our lives every once in a while.

for 30 minutes i felt like i was 6 again twirling around my room like an idiot to all of the songs.

sigh...back to being a cynical adult.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

but why?

so i saw zach & miri make a porno this weekend.
it's a pretty decent movie. it got a few laughs. nothing that i'd buy on dvd.

but one part of the movie really bothered me.
now the black guy in the movie, delaney, was seth rogen's co-worker and he was a little awkward but he was multifaceted and was funny, i.e. not just one big stereotype

and then around the end of the movie we are brought to his house.
and his wife was the loud ghetto, neck rolling, don't know how to act, black woman played by tisha campbell.


the second him and seth's character, zach, walked in the door her ass is yelling just for no reason.
and then she asks zach if he would fuck her and does this thing that i guess was supposed to be sexy but wasn't.

who does that?
why are black women always portrayed as just crazy and attitudinal in movies?

then she was wearing these fake saggy ass boobs since tisha campbell is naturally flat chested. why?

i literally let out a big ass sigh and said why?! right in the movie theatre. anybody that has seen that movie could see that her attitude was just out of place and not even necessary.
that almost ruined the whole movie for me.

i'd see if this was just an occasional thing but you ALWAYS see these tired scene of this loud "ignant" black woman with usually a normal functional black husband.
does that even make sense?

her voice immediately made me think of 'the incredibles' when the black superhero dude [i don't remember his name] was looking for something and his wife [who's face we never saw] was constantly yelling something and from her voice you could just picture some black woman simultaneously wagging her finger, and rolling her neck, and basically having a seizure.

tichina arnold's character in 'everybody hates chris' gets on my nerves too.

i'm not saying that these women don't exist. but they are definitely not the majority.
can we get some balance in our portrayal please?

i guess i'm being seeeeeensitive.
fuck that.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thursday, November 6, 2008

dear travie.

[two times for niky and how good these pics actually came out, i was in the 10th row with no flash allowed]

you know i love you right?
i didn't even like dudes with neck tattoos and here you came and spawned my fetish for men covered in tattoos [that aren't lil wayne]
you and that adorable goofiness.
i even love you despite you dating that wack ass 'i kissed a girl' girl.
i mean really?

but that's neither here nor there.
you can't help who you fall in love with i guess.

i fell in love with you for the papercut chronicles.

but you go and drop the overproduced yawn that is 'the quilt.'
i TRIED so hard to like it because i love you.
i can't.
and i'm only blaming you because the focus is on you and not the band.
however performing 'when doves cry' at your concert and the fact that you supported obama has absolved you of everything

but please do better my love.

perhaps next time we can have an album focusing on disashi and his awesomeness.

dear de jesus.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008


you know.
what if obama was the antichrist.

now i don't even believe in the whole christian idea of the antichrist with the big scary evil in a man's body leading the world into chaos and destruction. i think it's more of a symbolic reference to the anti-christ like sentiment in ourselves that we must fight against.

but anywho.
humoring the christian idea of antichrist.
and all of those backwards assholes who were speculating that obama was somehow the antichrist because of some shit they read in a fictional book.

wouldn't that be the BIGGEST bitch ever?
like. i would be like...really God?
you see what us black people have to deal with and they already assume the worst of us.
and then you go and make one of us the antichrist. really?
i couldn't even be cool with God no more.

i mean if i was given the opportunity to go to heaven i would accept given the alternative. but i wouldn't even want to have to worship that old racist ass God. i'd just be sitting in the corner mad as hell for all eternity.

lmao, i'm just being stupid.
now back to celebrating.


i don't even have anything to say.
here's a nice little discussion i had however.

white girl i went to high school with's status:
B is irritated. HE'S NOT BLACK. He's just as white as he is black. C'mon people.

some other white girl: OMG I know!!! And his white mother raised him, it annoys me too girl!

high school acquantance: If I married a black man and had kids with him, I'd be pissed as hell if they claimed they were black. I think it's shitty that that's the only reason some ppl voted for him....To "be a part of history". Have a better reason than that.

owg: I know right.... I said the same thing in my blog... just like some ppl are voting for McCain because Palin is a woman... that's just as dumb.

hsa: that's true. I didn't even think about that. I'm watching CBS right now and they said that Obama had 97% of black votes, but yet it's not about race?? right....
I hate that they're making a big deal about it on TV too. it's BS

my friend: hah yeah completely agree on that issue..

my black ass: although he is biracial he self-identifies as black and refers to himself as black.

but that shouldn't have anything to do with anything.
but assuming that most black people voted for him because he was black when most black people are democrats in the first place is slightly patronizing. if that were the case the vote would have been split between him and independent cynthia mckinney.


I understand that BUT 97% of black ppl in NC voted for him. In the past it has been like 60 something voting democrat. You can't tell me that almost every single black person in NC did not vote for him based on his color. Call if patronizing if you'd like, but it seems pretty damn obvious to me. and. if I were biracial that is how i would identify myself....biracial. His WHITE mother raised him, so why doesn't he self identify with whites. Hmmm. something to think about.

my friend: Obvious. But at the same time, how many white woman voted because they want Palin in office? Just goes to show you that color isn't indicative of anything, especially intelligence...

my black ass: you're right that just as many blacks voted for obama because he's blacks as whites voted for mccain because he's white. the majority of black people i've talked to weighed the issues before they blindly voted since the majority of them were HILARY supporters in the beginning of the primary.
i'm assuming he identifies black it's because he's treated like a black person. the majority of biracial [black/white] people identify with blacks because that is how they are treated in society regardless of who they were raised by.
nobody goes...oh he's biracial i'm not going to discriminate against him.
i don't know why he doesn't identify with whites because last time i checked i wasn't president-elect barack obama. why don't we work to create a society where a person isn't forced to choose because of how society treats them?

I personally do not believe that society treats blacks any different than whites. I think that's a thing of the past that some ppl can't get over and I personally think it's an excuse.

my black ass:
really? you should ask your non-white friends [assuming she has any] how they feel about that. i'm not saying that you can't work hard and achieve in society. non-whites simply have a few more roadblocks than whites do. if you don't believe that then you, with all due respect, are denying reality.

my [white] friend: From dating a person of african american and puerto rican descent...hearing what goes on with him and then dealing with the opinions about it from a typical southern white family...yeah, I can tell you Brittney is right. I mean there is still a LOT of prejudice out there. Race still "matters," even though it shouldn't.

woot there it is.

we got work to do people.

in addendum:

hsa: i have to work just as hard. I honestly have NEVER seen a black person denied anything. Lets use A for an example. I did not recieve ONE scholarship but yet she had 2 free rides...I have had to WORK for my education and to pay for it, but yet she had multiple opportunities. No hard feelings or anything towards her, I'm just using an example about working hard and achieving in society. HOWEVER If I were sensitive and felt I had to work harder to get somewhere in life, I would have taken that personally. I think it's all about your outlook in life. We all have to work for what we want.

my black ass: we all have to work to get what we want but some have to work harder than others. like i said, why don't you ask your non-white friends. unless you're assuming they're all too sensitive to perceive their world rationally

A worked for her shit. just like you did. she just happened to get a scholarship. last time i checked she was the valedictorian, meaning she had a higher gpa than you, meaning she deserved a free ride based on academics more than you. but guess what. A is quite the special case since most people, white and black, don't receive free rides unless they are poor [like at unc] or they have the best grades [which A did] but she didn't get a handout because she was black. that was a horrible example.

but a black person never denied anything?
what america are you living in?
like i said...ask a non-white friend

*how do i get through to these kiiiiiiiids* [cartman voice]
i predict more conversations like this for the next 4 years.


this is why she is my friend!!!!: It's not just about opportunity, it's also about respect/equality in general. I know my boyfriend has been extremely polite asking retail workers something as simple as a location of a product, been looked at dead in the eyes, and ignored/walked away from with complete disregard. I've recently showed someone an old news story that involved someone who happened to be black, and got the response "not to sound racist, but that's typical." Typical? It's things like that that have people bleaching their skin to look lighter. Society treating other races different isn't a thing of the past, and sad to say it probably won't be for a long time. As long as people don't act like they deserve respect, they're not going to get it. And as long as people don't get respect, they're not going to give it. It's a circle that isn't easily broken.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

and now we wait.

i was browsing through my old facebook posted items and i saw when i first heard obama was running for president and i was indifferent like shit.

then i saw when i was almost convinced that he was going to lose the primaries to hilary who i had no problem with winning.

then around about march he got me.
that biracial dude with big ears and a funny name got to me.

now i'm riding SO hard for him.
i have a feeling i'm going to tear up a little whether he wins or loses.

yes, [among a shitload of other reasons] it's because he's black.
[people that have a problem with me being happy that he's black. fuck you verrrry much. he *and his family* has singlehandedly shown america that all black people aren't broke, hood stereotypes...but that's another blog]
plus...i want to live.

i haven't prayed in a LONG time.
but i'm praying that barack hussein obama II wins.

Monday, November 3, 2008

i like porno!

watch the freaking video.

5 More Friends

i don't want to talk about it anymore.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

i like the sunrise

...cause it brings a new day.

on halloween i sat in my room writing a paper and listening to amel larrieux's lovely standards.
her voice just makes me feel all peaceful and such.
i think i have seasonal affective disorder.

i need someone to bring me some spring.