Tuesday, November 18, 2008


this live version is so fucking awesome.
i've been in such a gnarls mood lately.
especially the more wicked joints.
none of their stuff is really happy though...
what does that mean...

in other musical news. kanye's album made me angry like i thought it would.
i only like basically one song on it which is the joint with lil wayne, surprisingly.
but luckily, he decided to also release a remix album with benzi.
i guess i can't quit you yet kanye.
now i have new music to mosh around my room to @ 3 am.


Jervis said...

YURR awesome, that lil wayne track is fire to me also.

Derek said...

Britney's album...solid. Damn...why is it that people expect her and the people to listen to her to be deep. I like her mindless goodness, lack of vocal talent, her whack-ass lyrics...she's catchy.

Know what else is catchy...? Ellipses.....!

Durty Mo said...


Just wanted to stop by and show some love. I saw that you follow my blog and stuff so I wanted to do the same..

So many ppl sleep on Gnarls.. I can't with Kanye I'm sorry.. I just can't.

Ok that is all.


questionmark said...

nice pic