Thursday, November 13, 2008

you can't win

mentioning the wiz yesterday made me think of this song

before mike went all cuckoo for cocoa puffs.
you can't say this song is not pure fire.
i still love it.
i saw this dvd in a bargain bin about two years ago and made a friend buy it for me.

this movie shits all over the wizard of oz.
since the video for 'ease on down the road' won't embed correctly i'll just post a link here
i definitely want to drunkenly dance down the street like that one day.

i obviously mostly post in this blog purely for my own entertainment lol.


hb said...

THIS DOES SHIT ALL OVER wizard of oz. i actually saw The Wiz first... and when i saw the wizard of oz, i was like.... ew. this shit is boring lol.

i used to randomly bust out singing ease on down the road... my fave song from the movie :P

hb said...

i just watched the clip again... michael jackson was a fucking beast.

jacq said...

heehee i feel famous now :-)
mention me by name skank.

Anonymous said...

wow i love this song. since the first time i ever heard it... that movie was so... inspirational