Thursday, November 6, 2008

dear travie.

[two times for niky and how good these pics actually came out, i was in the 10th row with no flash allowed]

you know i love you right?
i didn't even like dudes with neck tattoos and here you came and spawned my fetish for men covered in tattoos [that aren't lil wayne]
you and that adorable goofiness.
i even love you despite you dating that wack ass 'i kissed a girl' girl.
i mean really?

but that's neither here nor there.
you can't help who you fall in love with i guess.

i fell in love with you for the papercut chronicles.

but you go and drop the overproduced yawn that is 'the quilt.'
i TRIED so hard to like it because i love you.
i can't.
and i'm only blaming you because the focus is on you and not the band.
however performing 'when doves cry' at your concert and the fact that you supported obama has absolved you of everything

but please do better my love.

perhaps next time we can have an album focusing on disashi and his awesomeness.

dear de jesus.



Choir Boy said...

Pb has a heart?! This is the second time some kind of unrequited love has been revealed on your blog. I'd say someone is moving to the soft side...

hb said... yea. travie... is mine.
but no for real, i don't dig guys with all that going on either but everything about travie i love. tats & piercings are OD on everyone else but him :P.

and as soon as i heard the the 1st 2 singles for the quilt, i already knew it was going to be crap. i'm sorry.. dream had a good album but they never needed to do a song with him.

i can only digg the old shit.