Wednesday, November 5, 2008


you know.
what if obama was the antichrist.

now i don't even believe in the whole christian idea of the antichrist with the big scary evil in a man's body leading the world into chaos and destruction. i think it's more of a symbolic reference to the anti-christ like sentiment in ourselves that we must fight against.

but anywho.
humoring the christian idea of antichrist.
and all of those backwards assholes who were speculating that obama was somehow the antichrist because of some shit they read in a fictional book.

wouldn't that be the BIGGEST bitch ever?
like. i would be like...really God?
you see what us black people have to deal with and they already assume the worst of us.
and then you go and make one of us the antichrist. really?
i couldn't even be cool with God no more.

i mean if i was given the opportunity to go to heaven i would accept given the alternative. but i wouldn't even want to have to worship that old racist ass God. i'd just be sitting in the corner mad as hell for all eternity.

lmao, i'm just being stupid.
now back to celebrating.


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i don't know how it came about, but thought the exact same thing a couple of days ago. lol