Wednesday, November 26, 2008


today was so fucking mundane.

yet it was one of the best days i had in a while.

went to work.
other people bought for me or gave me everything i imbibed [apple juice, iced coffee, fruit, gummies]
my friend who i haven't seen in a while came and bothered me at work.
the six hours surprisingly flew by
i found $10 on the floor of the library
saw another friend i haven't seen in a while
went to tar-jay a.k.a the best store in the world
moms cooked me some catfish which i have been fiending for

the only snag...i lost my old white women for obama pin

can't win 'em all i guess...

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Jervis said...

awwwwww,i think I have an extra one,want me to send it??,gotta check first