Sunday, March 30, 2008

ornette coleman

i don't claim to be an expert or "head" or any genre of music. my music taste is REALLY eclectic.

i like what i like.

and i like ornette coleman.

he kind of helped spawn the free jazz movement even thought i don't really like free jazz and prefer pre-1960 jazz. [this was released in 1959] but the man is talented.

the album i'm listening to now is "the shape of jazz to come"


i believe it was the first jazz album to not use piano at all.

my favorite song from that album is lonely woman. peep.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


i went to the women's empowerment joint today.

i missed the amazing ms. patti labelle so there wasn't really anything for me to see

women's empowerment is basically a day long conference for [majority] black women with vendors and food and all that good stuff.

i went with my mother and only stayed for two hours cuz it was boring as shit and i didn't really care to see performers like day26 and tank. i got 3 jazz cds out of it though so it wasn't a complete waste.

but i'll tell you one thing, i've never seen so many weaves in my damn life. hell they had about 5 vendors hawking extensions and lace front wigs.
wearing weave on a regular basis is just one thing i will never understand. i'm not knocking it, it just isn't for me.

and another thing.
black women we need to do better.
maybe it's because i'm in the south, but gotdamn
at least half the women there were fat.
that is unacceptable.

i was washing my hands in the bathroom and couldn't get to the dryer because this woman was so big i couldn't get around her.
i always said i didn't want to become one of those black women that just lets herself get fat. i'm not thin but i damn sure ain't fat. when i realized i was getting chunky i started taking my chunky ass to the gym and watching my portions. i'm still working on it but damn, at least i'm trying. some of these women just gave the fuck up.

my birthday is in 5 days. woot. [sarcasm]

i am an alcoholic

that is all.

Friday, March 28, 2008


this is who i am.
this is who i be.

i'm a moody young woman who doesn't show a bit of it. or at least likes to think so.
i love the color black, i think it's beautiful.
i love people who love me.
different people know different sides of me.
not one knows them all.
i love to laugh and be silly.
half of the things i say aren't to be taken seriously.
i'm ridiculously sarcastic.
i curse a lot.
i think a lot. a lot.
i feel silly in heels and dresses.
i love when people tell me i'm beautiful.
i hate when people tell me i'm beautiful.
i don't like capitalizing or writing in complete sentences. obviously.
i am a great liar but most of the time i just choose not to because it's unnecessary.
i'm comfortable with me. i've accepted me. i just work with what i have and try to appreciate it.
i find jealousy pointless. there's always someone better, there's always someone worse.
i like my singing voice. i just tell everyone i can't sing so i can save it for myself and my loved ones. i'm no whitney, but it's a soft jazzy sound that i like.
i love good photos. i think anyone can create, it takes a little something extra to find beauty in the mundane.
i love the way zora neale hurston uses words. it's how i narrate my life in my head.
i love to watch people.
i like slightly awkward and shy people [only slightly!] they remind me of myself. and ultimately we're all vain people who like people like us.
i fall in love with strangers.
i love black men with curly hair and goofy grins.
i love white men with green eyes and black hair.
i love puerto rican men.
i'm a flighty dreamer on the inside, a pessimistic realist on the outside.
this site is where i get all that dreamy shit out.
i've had a blog since i was...14. xanga to myspace to this thingiemajig.
i'm very opinionated.
most people misunderstand me.

i defy definition.
most people say that. and most of the time it's true.
boxes are for cereal.
on the inside i'm a new wave/punk/hip hop fusion rockstar.
on the outside. i'm me.


i went for a walk yesterday and got lost in my mind.
i was walking from class and adam by me'shell ndegeocello came on and i just turned the opposite way from my dorm and just kept walking.

i've been so stressed lately that it was lovely to just not think.
i turned on my no lyrics playlist since i knew hearing words would jar me out of my trance.
i traipsed around backroads of campus listening to jazz and classical music and taking in the world silently, staring at and touching things that intrigued me.
went exploring places that most people don't think to look at.
found the most fascinating flower that i've ever seen and took it with me.
walked through the graveyard and read the inscriptions remembering people who died more than 100 years ago.

i think i was gone for about an hour.
nobody even noticed me wandering around.

i felt completely alone and peaceful


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

mic check.

is this thing on?