Friday, March 28, 2008


i went for a walk yesterday and got lost in my mind.
i was walking from class and adam by me'shell ndegeocello came on and i just turned the opposite way from my dorm and just kept walking.

i've been so stressed lately that it was lovely to just not think.
i turned on my no lyrics playlist since i knew hearing words would jar me out of my trance.
i traipsed around backroads of campus listening to jazz and classical music and taking in the world silently, staring at and touching things that intrigued me.
went exploring places that most people don't think to look at.
found the most fascinating flower that i've ever seen and took it with me.
walked through the graveyard and read the inscriptions remembering people who died more than 100 years ago.

i think i was gone for about an hour.
nobody even noticed me wandering around.

i felt completely alone and peaceful


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questionmark said...

so you did listen to bitter.