Saturday, March 29, 2008


i went to the women's empowerment joint today.

i missed the amazing ms. patti labelle so there wasn't really anything for me to see

women's empowerment is basically a day long conference for [majority] black women with vendors and food and all that good stuff.

i went with my mother and only stayed for two hours cuz it was boring as shit and i didn't really care to see performers like day26 and tank. i got 3 jazz cds out of it though so it wasn't a complete waste.

but i'll tell you one thing, i've never seen so many weaves in my damn life. hell they had about 5 vendors hawking extensions and lace front wigs.
wearing weave on a regular basis is just one thing i will never understand. i'm not knocking it, it just isn't for me.

and another thing.
black women we need to do better.
maybe it's because i'm in the south, but gotdamn
at least half the women there were fat.
that is unacceptable.

i was washing my hands in the bathroom and couldn't get to the dryer because this woman was so big i couldn't get around her.
i always said i didn't want to become one of those black women that just lets herself get fat. i'm not thin but i damn sure ain't fat. when i realized i was getting chunky i started taking my chunky ass to the gym and watching my portions. i'm still working on it but damn, at least i'm trying. some of these women just gave the fuck up.

my birthday is in 5 days. woot. [sarcasm]

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