Friday, August 14, 2009

the magic stick/bored with my hair.

so i've posted about how my skin pisses me off and have finally found something that is starting to work for me. other than washing my face with whatever is lying around [i refuse to buy any new face wash before i use up what i already have] i've been using this thing[it's $8 @ whole foods and $5 @ trader joe's. whole foods is such a fucking rip off.]

i apply this stuff morning/night and whenever i'm sitting around absentmindedly during the day. my blemishes go down really quickly and my existing marks are starting to fade. plus it's all-natural and all that hippie shit.

i've kind of been ignoring my hair. well, actually i guess you could say that i've been wearing it in a "protective style". i like my hair texture but i feel like it's too short for me to really do anything with so i wash it once a week, twist it with oyinhandmade whipped pudding, pin it up, and wear hats all week [with a scarf underneath and still moisturizing every night] and wear a twist out on weekends. i figured i'm not seeing anyone since school isn't in session and i'm just going to work, it doesn't really matter what my head looks like lol.
i'm sure when school starts i'm going to have to keep it up nicely and actually do something to it until i get braids next month. grrrr.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


it seems the more free time i have the less i do. hopefully that means i'll be supremely productive when school starts

random pictures i just took out of boredom:

see how that spot is still there? yeah still haven't gotten that fixed...

i'm actually vaguely busy with taking care of things for my apt and freaking out about how broke i will be because i have to pay for this shit. i don't want to be a senior and graduate and shit. i want to fuck around for at least 3 more years. i'll probably join the circus if my plan a of finding a sugar daddy fails...

i'm kidding.

i'll just be a hobo.