Friday, August 14, 2009

the magic stick/bored with my hair.

so i've posted about how my skin pisses me off and have finally found something that is starting to work for me. other than washing my face with whatever is lying around [i refuse to buy any new face wash before i use up what i already have] i've been using this thing[it's $8 @ whole foods and $5 @ trader joe's. whole foods is such a fucking rip off.]

i apply this stuff morning/night and whenever i'm sitting around absentmindedly during the day. my blemishes go down really quickly and my existing marks are starting to fade. plus it's all-natural and all that hippie shit.

i've kind of been ignoring my hair. well, actually i guess you could say that i've been wearing it in a "protective style". i like my hair texture but i feel like it's too short for me to really do anything with so i wash it once a week, twist it with oyinhandmade whipped pudding, pin it up, and wear hats all week [with a scarf underneath and still moisturizing every night] and wear a twist out on weekends. i figured i'm not seeing anyone since school isn't in session and i'm just going to work, it doesn't really matter what my head looks like lol.
i'm sure when school starts i'm going to have to keep it up nicely and actually do something to it until i get braids next month. grrrr.


Shanel Nicole said...

Interesting tip. I've been looking for something to clear up my blemishes as well. I'll have to look into it.
Thanks for the Blog~

Shanel Nicole ~

hb said...

funny, i dont do that with my hair. i wear it all out, then i sleep on it and the next day its bigger (&so on) so then I pin it up. Its too long and too damn thick for me try and twist it.

i liked when my hair was really short because all i had to do was wash it, put some curl cream in it, and go. now its so long i end up throwing it in ponytails. :/

and i barely comb it... like...:( its going to hurt a lot next time i wash it and actually comb my hair

as far as skin- u need a daily ritual. if you just wash ur face with whatever, ur skin is going to be irrtated all the time. you need have just one wash & mouturizer and use that everyone morning and every night.

Chanel said...

i love this blemish stick, it works great. also ive been doing that honey trick you blogged about earlier and that seems to make my skin smooth

Anonymous said...

the acne stuff is $5.29 at whole foods right now

s.stephens said...

I had a bad acne problem, i thought i would never find anything to clear it up is seemed like everything i used would make it worse. I thought proactive would fix it........ it did , uhm for the time being ..... guess what broke back out.... So i went to the dermatologist. Turns out i was over working my skin i was stressing to much trying to figure out ways to make my skin clear from problem; when it was me all along. so he told me to analyze my eating habits as well as my facial cleaning process meaning cut back on it. I found a nice scrub which i still use to this day called honey oat scrub by queen hallen . which i use three times a week as well as i found a nice grape mask. which i use once a week. the other days i just clean my face with water . as well as i drink it like a fish... but that cleared my face up allot. now its flawless...

Margaret said...

Ooo I like this blemish stick! I want it

Derek said...

It's raining pitchforks and niggerbabies.

I have to go to starbucks, use this program called freegate, and switch my IP addresses all over the place just to read your blog.

You should feel special.

"You better not be putting yak up in my head!"

Live, Laugh, Love said...

I hate my skin too! Acne always seems to leave those ugly dark spots. Imma have to check this blemish stick out.