Friday, March 28, 2008


this is who i am.
this is who i be.

i'm a moody young woman who doesn't show a bit of it. or at least likes to think so.
i love the color black, i think it's beautiful.
i love people who love me.
different people know different sides of me.
not one knows them all.
i love to laugh and be silly.
half of the things i say aren't to be taken seriously.
i'm ridiculously sarcastic.
i curse a lot.
i think a lot. a lot.
i feel silly in heels and dresses.
i love when people tell me i'm beautiful.
i hate when people tell me i'm beautiful.
i don't like capitalizing or writing in complete sentences. obviously.
i am a great liar but most of the time i just choose not to because it's unnecessary.
i'm comfortable with me. i've accepted me. i just work with what i have and try to appreciate it.
i find jealousy pointless. there's always someone better, there's always someone worse.
i like my singing voice. i just tell everyone i can't sing so i can save it for myself and my loved ones. i'm no whitney, but it's a soft jazzy sound that i like.
i love good photos. i think anyone can create, it takes a little something extra to find beauty in the mundane.
i love the way zora neale hurston uses words. it's how i narrate my life in my head.
i love to watch people.
i like slightly awkward and shy people [only slightly!] they remind me of myself. and ultimately we're all vain people who like people like us.
i fall in love with strangers.
i love black men with curly hair and goofy grins.
i love white men with green eyes and black hair.
i love puerto rican men.
i'm a flighty dreamer on the inside, a pessimistic realist on the outside.
this site is where i get all that dreamy shit out.
i've had a blog since i was...14. xanga to myspace to this thingiemajig.
i'm very opinionated.
most people misunderstand me.

i defy definition.
most people say that. and most of the time it's true.
boxes are for cereal.
on the inside i'm a new wave/punk/hip hop fusion rockstar.
on the outside. i'm me.