Sunday, November 16, 2008


am i the only person that will just be sitting around
and then start reading/watching the news
and just say

gotdamn i love barack.
i'm not one of those people who thinks he's black jesus or is going to be the greatest president ever
but gotdamnit he is just so awesome.
i mean did anyone ever think that we'd have a president that loved the fugees AND the wire?
i know i didn't.

how about one that is fit enough to play basketball on a regular basis?

nope. i figured during my life all my presidents would be old boring white men.

i was watching an interview not too long ago with barack and michelle
and they make me so happy
you hardly ever see functional black couples who are in love with each other and not all stuffy and bland on tv AND are good parents at the same time

they exist, you just don't see them in the public eye

that's why black people are so happy about the obamas. we have a positive image of us that the whole world can see...rather than flavor flav, omarosa, or whatever ridiculous stereotypical black image you can think of.

now as much as i love this dude.
i would really like to stop seeing him on all the magazines.
dude was on men's health. men's health? why?
i completely understand why everyone loves this man.

but stop with the complete mindless worship. we still need to watch what he does and question when he merits it. he's still first and foremost a politician.

a fucking awesome one.
but a politician nonetheless.
i can excessively love him because it's not my job to be objective and inform people.