Sunday, November 9, 2008

but why?

so i saw zach & miri make a porno this weekend.
it's a pretty decent movie. it got a few laughs. nothing that i'd buy on dvd.

but one part of the movie really bothered me.
now the black guy in the movie, delaney, was seth rogen's co-worker and he was a little awkward but he was multifaceted and was funny, i.e. not just one big stereotype

and then around the end of the movie we are brought to his house.
and his wife was the loud ghetto, neck rolling, don't know how to act, black woman played by tisha campbell.


the second him and seth's character, zach, walked in the door her ass is yelling just for no reason.
and then she asks zach if he would fuck her and does this thing that i guess was supposed to be sexy but wasn't.

who does that?
why are black women always portrayed as just crazy and attitudinal in movies?

then she was wearing these fake saggy ass boobs since tisha campbell is naturally flat chested. why?

i literally let out a big ass sigh and said why?! right in the movie theatre. anybody that has seen that movie could see that her attitude was just out of place and not even necessary.
that almost ruined the whole movie for me.

i'd see if this was just an occasional thing but you ALWAYS see these tired scene of this loud "ignant" black woman with usually a normal functional black husband.
does that even make sense?

her voice immediately made me think of 'the incredibles' when the black superhero dude [i don't remember his name] was looking for something and his wife [who's face we never saw] was constantly yelling something and from her voice you could just picture some black woman simultaneously wagging her finger, and rolling her neck, and basically having a seizure.

tichina arnold's character in 'everybody hates chris' gets on my nerves too.

i'm not saying that these women don't exist. but they are definitely not the majority.
can we get some balance in our portrayal please?

i guess i'm being seeeeeensitive.
fuck that.


Jervis said...

nah u not being sensitive its a true topic,but can u REALLY say that its not majority????,get back to me

Jervis said...

psyche09 said...

Although her character was so over the top, one could also say that Justin Long's (Mac Guy) character was overdone and perpetuates the stereotype of gay men, or at least one of them has to be dramatic/effeminate. Anyway, I guess my point is that sometimes we only want to notice what affects us... or whatever.

Derek said...

thanks for standing up for my peoples, b.

I'm just an angry quasi-effeminate, poverty stricken, no daddy havin' black man. I'm angry about everything these days.

You hear about the gays protesting out west? We're about to see something big.

I love black women <3 Neck rollin', educated, sassy, multi-faceted, long-suffering, price-far-above-rubies black women.

brittneypb said...

the gay guy bothered me too...but it was irrelevant to my post so i didn't say anything about it.

*insert neck rolling and finger snaps*

brittneypb said...

*and...his character was actually relevant to moving the plot of the story along. there was no point to tisha's presence in the movie...she could have not been there and it would have been just as fine.

Derek said...

Sure. it's cause you're a homophobe brit-brit. As long as a stereotype serves a purpose, it's all right--isn't that what you're saying? You're worse than the Floridians, Arkansans, Arizonians, and the Californians...


hb said...

omg.... i need to be careful where i read blogs. if i laughed for any longer then i would get a lot of crazy looks. omg.

and it had to be tisha hahaha. oh man.

you're right though. it really isn't fair...