Wednesday, November 12, 2008

chitty chitty bang bang

anybody who knows me knows i fucking love this movie.

one of my many eccentricities i guess.

i was one of those kids who went to the library once a week and i was allowed to check out books and only one movie [oh vhs]. it was usually either chitty, mary poppins [i love dick van dyke btw, if i were born in the 50's he would have been my zac efron], the wiz [this deserves a post in itself], or that version of peter pan with the woman playing peter.

so i was at work and started singing the song 'toot sweets' to myself and when i got to my room went to youtubing and i found these videos... i fucking love youtube btw.

here's toot sweets

and few of the other vids that made my day

and of course the theme song

this dvd is the first thing on my christmas list.

if i don't buy it myself before then.

i'm aware that this movie is corny.
but i love it.
we all need a little innocent corniness in our lives every once in a while.

for 30 minutes i felt like i was 6 again twirling around my room like an idiot to all of the songs.

sigh...back to being a cynical adult.