Tuesday, November 4, 2008

and now we wait.

i was browsing through my old facebook posted items and i saw when i first heard obama was running for president and i was indifferent like shit.

then i saw when i was almost convinced that he was going to lose the primaries to hilary who i had no problem with winning.

then around about march he got me.
that biracial dude with big ears and a funny name got to me.

now i'm riding SO hard for him.
i have a feeling i'm going to tear up a little whether he wins or loses.

yes, [among a shitload of other reasons] it's because he's black.
[people that have a problem with me being happy that he's black. fuck you verrrry much. he *and his family* has singlehandedly shown america that all black people aren't broke, hood stereotypes...but that's another blog]
plus...i want to live.

i haven't prayed in a LONG time.
but i'm praying that barack hussein obama II wins.

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psyche09 said...

me, too...If he doesn't in, this will officially be the worst day ever. And no, I'm not exaggerating...