Monday, November 2, 2009

my retarded hair.

*procrastinationatory babble*

i know i'm not the only kinky headed gal who has this problem, but it's almost comical how different my hair textures are. i literally can't rock a wash&go because i tend to look ridiculous.

here are pics i took the other day freshly washed and squeeze dried with a tshirt with no added hair products.
my hair is pretty much the same length all over but my sides shrink a lot more than what i like to call the mohawk area (the loose texture goes straight back like a mohawk)

you can literally see the point where my hair changes its mind on what it wants to be lol.

my front middle flops onto my forehead and i have to push it back up so that it won't look weird compared to the sides *ignore my makeupless acne'd untamed eyebrowed face, however note the displeasure*

my mohawk area, for the most part, acts right regardless of what i do to it and is obviously a lot looser. my kinky sides...they do not care whatsoever what i desire or what i think about them. i guess i can respect that. they laugh hysterically at any moisturizer i put on them, swallow it in one gulp and look at me expectantly for more. the back of the sides have almost no definition when dry while the back of the middle is springy looks crazy.

top 'o my head

back 'o my head.

after these were taken i promptly twisted my hair since twists make my hair pretend like it's one cohesive texture.

does anyone else have this problem? what do you do? i hate looking like i got a texturizer just in the middle of my head...i'm considering putting one on my sides, but i feel that it could go horribly awry...


cecelia; said...

haha, story of my life. i texturized the middle part of my hair (just the middle) and it's been fine. it still didnt perfectly match the rest of my hair but it was a lot better. did that about a year ago and i havent redone it yet mostly because i was wearing weaves.

you could also get a curly perm, which kind of defeats the purpose if youre trying to stay natural, but it would give all your curls a uniform shape & size.

other than that, keep twisting! lol.

Derek said...


My hair is nowhere as wavy as yours, but the top front of my hair is less kinky than the sides and ESPECIALLY the back. What I would do (and what I'm doing since I'm in China)...

Rock kinky twist and no one will know the difference.

You could also wet and oil your hair the night before, do bantu knots and just take them out in the morning...this would require you to wake up earlier for class/work.

OR, you could rock a bun like i did all year at S&M except when I hot combed (thank God I discovered a flat iron instead).

There's absolutely no way to change the texture of your hair now that you can actually see it and experience it. Go forth with God.

Also, I'm thinking of buying some xxxxxtra virgin olive oil to use on my hair from the market, but I'm afraid of looking greasy. What do you think?

I found a program that lets me see blogger. I am happy indeed ^_^ On google reader, i can just see text--not pictures.

This counts as an email!

pb™ said...

blah. this does not count as an email!!

my hair is too short to put in a bun...i patiently await the day because when it comes that's all my lazy ass will do.

i just wear hats a lot cuz it's cold and the air dries it out so i just ignore it during the day and moisturize at night

ugh. hair. why can't i just be bald.

Twodecadesofwondering said...

well if you wanted to put it in a small bun you can buy the elastic hair bands and pull it back. That's what i did at that legthed.

My hair also had the rough/not-so-rough sections. This is what I did... and I spent a good amount of time on my hair. To get my curls to come out perfect I tried to start with pressed/flat ironed hair and then washed it. And when I washed it. I cleaned my hair but not as to tangle it while washing. While I conditioned my hair, I would comb/pick out any tangles that came from washing my hair. Then as I rinsed of my hair hair, I would shake my head viguously (like a dog... bad analogy). Then when the rinse out conditionaire was off... i would put mixture of leave in conditionaire and oil in the palm of my hand. and hold my hands to my head but not touch. then i would shake my head. and the hair would fly agains my hands but i wouldn't ruin the curls. my curles lose bounce to frizz easily. And i would just shake my hair dry and put a towel around my shoulders until my hair dripped dry. Or if i was during summer, i just shook my head and kept a going. then the next day after i slept on my hair and it needed to look fresh, I just rinsed my hair the shower... put some more conditionair and oil on it... and kept a going. However... when I wanted to comb it out after a week or two... it was a long tedious process, but the curls were pretty. and if it helps at the time i was using carol's daughter shampoo and smoothie mixuture and using a hot oil and teatree leave in conditionaire.

Chanel said...

I know exactly how you feel! The top of my head has a very loose texture and the rest of my hair is kind of kinky. So I have a nice shaped fro all around and then on top it's all flat. I just do what you do--twist.

pb™ said...

i'm so afraid of messing it up by putting a texturizer in so i'll just let it be dysfunctional

girl i wish i could put it in a bun! i need about 2 more inches of growth and i will never have any other style lol
i don't even own a flat iron anymore...
you should try drying your hair with a doesn't frizz up as much. i used to drip dry but that took too long

i feel like i look weird with just the twists since mine don't seem to want to hang down and they fly all over the place having me looking like buckwheat, so i'll wear a hat for a day or so then do a twist out. do yours just normally hang or do you do something to it?

so...consensus says from all you guys...keep twisting!
*which i'm incidentally doing right now*


Chanel said...

i twist at night and wear a scarf on my head. by the morning they are flat. but in general my twists lay pretty flat already

Live, Laugh, Love said...

I get my hair relaxed,but i think you're natural hair is beautiful. I did try to go natural once,but i stopped cause i had the same issue you have. All different kinds of textures up in my head. It is really frustratings. I think you should try a texturizer.... Ntways. Just stopping by to say hello.


Organic Meatbag said...

your hair has a lot of personality!

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

OK, this is soooooooooooo my hair. I always say, my hair tells my racial makeup from Africa (black) to America (Native American, White, Black).