Monday, July 7, 2008


ever have that feeling where you have a lot moves that you should be making and shit you should be doing all the while feeling like you don't have enough time or even the capability to do so?
then you look at everyone else and think that everyone is miles ahead of you and contemplate that you might end up living at your parent's house with no better career options than a temp, burger flipper, or a hooker?
or do you feel like your social life is really shitty and you've wasted half of your college years not meeting enough new people and basically being a miserable misanthrope who is destined to die single and friendless with a house full of ugly ass cats even though you really don't like cats?

no? neither.


Anonymous said...

I read this one a day too late... my ass was sitting in my room pouting all day about this ish and it took me all day to come to the same conclusion...

Choir Boy said...

You couldn't be a hooker and socially inept at the same time so you shouldn't worry about that falling into that career option.

Parents house
wasted college time

I totally relate.

I think people who died single with a bunch of "ugly ass cats" were victims of witch-hunts.