Thursday, July 31, 2008

john mccain

i don't even give a fuck about his politics.
i'm kind of sick of politics at this point.

i just feel bad for him.
i like old people.

i just feel like he should be in florida somewhere wearing a pair of comfortable house shoes and a soft robe sitting in his favorite chair watching "touched by an angel" drinking a hot toddy.
[and getting treatment for that cancer on his face. but that's neither here nor there.]
dude can't even lift his arms all the way. what kind of symbol is that for america to portray to the rest of the world. call me age-ist but this dude is too old to be leading a country. half the time he can't remember shit. he still thinks that czechoslovakia is a country, that iraq and pakistan share a border, and can't tell the difference between a sunni and a shiite. that's not the type of person you really need helming a the middle east.

perhaps one of my main problems is...he does not know how to use the internet.
at all.
and that's fine for any other 72 year old person...but not the leader of a crumbling superpower in an ever-advancing technological age.

personally, when i get old i plan on being that old lady that does not give a bit of a fuck. i will live in my house with either my old ass husband or a bunch of dogs drinking margaritas every day and saying whatever the fuck i want. i will wear church hats on the weekends even though i don't go to church just because i feel all old black women need a church hat. i will drive a burgundy buick and will demand my senior citizens discount every where i go because i am cheap. i will even play bingo, but only to socialize because i will not like bingo.

that's the life that i feel that john mccain should have. playing bingo on the weekends and off my gotdamn tv.

obama is not black jesus or the great black hope. he's a fucking politician...but i'd rather trust that new n*gga over there than granpa mccain.

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