Sunday, June 28, 2009

i hope i never get this bored again...

i watched the bet awards...why?
i should have done my laundry.

i understand that they had to make it in 3 days...but really?

the most long ass awkward pauses and obvious teleprompter reading. they were never ready for nothing.

jamie foxx performing all willy nilly just to fill space.

sponsored by cititrends? i guess.

ciara should never sing ballads live. ever.

randomly busting out in mj tributes that make no sense.

chaka about to burst with her 5 girdles on.

eddie from the ojay's saying 'shit' on tv

ne-yo should always wear a hat. always. he has a fetus head.

t.i.'s ghetto ass baby mama accepting his award -_-

yvette and jody. -_-

the most anticlimactic final performance. with drake et. al. who sat for most of the and please explain why you would have dancing children on stage while you perform "i want to fuck every girl in the world"?!?!? aubrey just sitting talking to 12 year olds in tutus. why don't you just go ahead and phone in your performance.

but JANET!!!! she a good one. i couldn't have spoken on stage. too bad her greasy ass daddy ain't shit, sitting in the audience grinning and shit. i hate joe jackson. if it wasn't for him michael wouldn't have been so fucked up.

in other news i should go to a jamie foxx concert...i'll just put on my zune when 'blame it' comes on


I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...

100% co-sign on everything you said.

I officially quit BET for the Drake performance. R kelly probably had to excuse himself.

The OJay tribute was cool.
And Maxwell was thoroughly decent.

I.Am.Spoken.Word. said...


the BBD/Guy performance.
Love all around...

PPS: I'm a little upset Bey didn't sing an official tribute.

Ava Maria/Sarah McLachlan's Angel?

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Yea, I left BET awards alone a while ago, and the only reason why I watched it this time was due to MJ. I thought BET would go all out as well as be know, be on point.

...BET has failed me once again...