Monday, June 1, 2009

haaz sleiman

so i was putting henna in my hair and was bored so i put one of my mom's crappy dvds in to entertain myself (my mom has horrible taste in movies)

the movie happened to be mad money but luckily i just watched the previews and saw this

and it went to "sweet jesus, who is that?!?"

i promptly stopped the abortion of a movie that is mad money and went to go watch 'the visitor' on surfthechannel. not ashamed to say that i watched an oscar nominated movie just to look at that man. i could talk about the movie which is a pretty ok story on immigration in post 9/11 america (his character is syrian) but it is basically the white guy finding himself through his relationship with the brown guy, but that's irrelevant compared to this

too bad he's gay ~ this link to the trailer will probably only interest derek

but one can still look/google stalk

he's going to be on the new series 'nurse jackie' playing a gay muslim nurse...yeah i'm not too interested in that and don't have showtime anyway. i feel like there's too many ways that that could go wrong in execution.


femi. said...

he is yummy yum yum. i also saw him in 'the visitor' on a plane journey last year.

what i didn't need was to see him in that trailer. why?!

sidenote: i can't watch movies that look like they were shot on a camera phone. i just can't.

Derek said...

I DID wanna see sky trip...and then I saw the preview...n/m.

The Notorious Z.A.G. said...

I actually watched Sky Trip... and didn't realize that was him. But he is foine, I must agree, lol.