Friday, July 3, 2009

why can't i just sit around all day?

i work everyday. and take a class which i'm paying for out of pocket

one day off and none of my friends wants to answer their phones/texts

so i put some henna in my hair and just relax.

because my mom and her husband decided that they need to clean the garage i need to be doing something too.

wtf kind of logic is that.

i need to be cleaning my room or washing something...because i slept in and shouldn't sit around.

can i sit around one day?

the only talking my mother and i do is general niceties and her saying "you know what i just realized" which usually leads to something that I need to be doing or working on, never anything that she needs to be doing or even normal conversation. either that or i'm reminded of her bills and how much i owe her to contribute to pay for shit [phone bill/car insurance]

is it august yet?
i need to go get on my grind so i can get a job right out of school and not have to live here anymore.

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Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Hahahahaha...been there, done that! That's just how moms are, so don't take it're not the only one. I'm out of my mom's home, and I still hear it...I need to do this, I need to do that...I'm not Superwoman (yet)!!!!

I came to help her with her gazebo, which turned into me going to Home Depot, which turned into me doing it alone, which turned into me coming back over the next day (today) to wash, clean, and help cook for the holiday...I'm about to go home!!!!