Tuesday, June 24, 2008

man i hate myspace.

so basically all i do with my time now that i'm not taking summer school is work [the majority of my time is spent wasting away at work], reading books/blogs, and facebook/myspace.

speaking of books i'm currently reading the year of living biblically which is about an agnostic dude following the bible to the letter, no picking and choosing like people do nowadays...hilarity ensues...


myspace is so wack.
i basically only still have it for music purposes, to read phonte's blogs, and to look at pretty/dope people when i'm bored...
myspace is actually a really good place to find new artists which i tend to find usually when i'm trolling the dope people's pages.

other than that it really serves no purpose.
i reject 99% of friend requests i receive because i have no desire to be friends with some random 28 year old man in detroit. friending and talking to random ass people was ok when i first had it like...4 years ago, but now it just seems...stupid.
i especially find the messages annoying. i usually get about 2 or 3 a week from some random hood looking ass dude telling me how beautiful i supposedly am and how he would like to get to know me...this is usually in very bad grammar and horrible spelling and if i'm lucky, all caps or alternating upper and lower case letters


i usually don't reply because i'd just prefer not to carry on a conversation with these people...
now that i look at what i just typed it sounds somewhat bitchy...eh.
at times it can be a short lived ego boost...but then i remember that they're just going off of a picture of me [even though must of my public pictures are purposefully unflattering] and i get over it...

sometimes the messages are nice and sweet. but i still don't reply because i'm just lazy.
i suck at answering messages on facebook from people that i know...random ass people on myspace really don't stand much of a chanc

i do have to give these fellows some credit. even though it's a hell of a lot easier to type a message than it is to walk up to someone in person, they at least attempt to hit on a girl or even just snag some miscellaneous internet ho ass.

too bad guys that i would be attracted to never seem to do this. in person or otherwise.
only hood dudes that i have absolutely no interest in hit on me in person. that is the most annoying thing ever...

i guess i should just start wearing house of dereon and cheap multi-colored heels, cultivating a taste for plies, and just rolling with it...

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