Tuesday, April 29, 2008


i hate when people write bougie since it reads like boogie to me. the original word is bourgeois so therefore i write the abbreviation as such.


according to urbandictionary, bourgie means:

Someone who is class-conscious, with educated and discerning tastes, and interested in enjoying the finer things in life. It is definitely not high-class, aristoratic, snooty, or snobbish. “Bourgie” is as much an idea, and a state of mind, as it is an attitude towards enjoying good food, good friends, and good conversation, everyday. It evokes a mood of simple elegance, casual yet sophisticated—modern.
i personally like that definition. other definitions include being stuck-up and snobby. but they're wrong.
my family is not rich but we are comfortable. i don't have to take out any loans to attend college, and if i want something i usually get it. my buddy derek calls me bourgie all the time since i have discriminatory tastes and i honestly just find the term funny. this coming from a dude who goes to china, speaks 4 different languages, and has very discriminatory tastes [i know you're reading this derek! :-P don't be calling me bourgie!!!] besides, most [NOT ALL]black people at unc are bourgie.

i recognize that at times i can be elitist towards blacks who are from or behave as if they are from lower social classes. but damnit i can't help it. i understand people who just don't have a certain amount of money. that's not a character flaw. but i just can not handle excessively loud classless people. and those people disproportionately and stereotypically come from people from poorer backgrounds. i understand that some people do not know any different [i won't say better] and that type of behavior is acceptable where they're from.

then again i know quite a few people who are not from poor backgrounds who still act "ghetto"
those people get on my fucking nerves.

the main reason why i probably have a disdain for "ghetto" people is that their behavior usually reflects on me and all black people even though i do not behave like them.

it's not just behavior. i judge people on their clothes [which is wrong, i know] people in those loud tacky print jackets. wearing almost anything from rave, dots, or rainbow. baby phat. [like the perfumes, hate the clothes] anything endorsed by beyonce including her tacky ass clothing line.

i need to work on that.

this basically describes me:
stuff educated black people like
except for the part about getting dressed up and oprah...fuck oprah.

i am not bourgie. gosh.


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デレック said...

judge not so ye may not be judged.

wit yo bouRgie ass.