Tuesday, August 26, 2008

craig david

remember this guy?

for no reason at all not too long ago i wondered to myself whatever happened to craig david

i used to be in love with that man and just knew i was going to marry him [i was 12/13, give me a break]
i was also in love with lil fizz from b2k [like crazy screaming groupie in love], kel mitchell [i have no idea why], justin timberlake, lil bow wow, wesley jonathan, usher, and a host of other young men who i can't recall and it is probably for the best.

wow i had shitty taste. i would not want any of those people today.
except craig david.

i would still marry him.

i googled him and interestingly enough...he has a new album out

yes his lyrics are still juvenile. and?

and this one just because the band is dope.
now to actually doing my homework...