Sunday, August 10, 2008


just because i really like this song...

i hate when people say i'm pretty.
because i'm fucking weird.

i really like it when people say i'm pretty.
because i'm a fucking girl.

but most of the time it just makes me uncomfortable.
because i really don't think i'm that good looking.
i know i'm not an eyesore but neither is most people.

i always figured that if someone was good looking it would afford them favors and random good shit that normal looking people don't really have. i've seen this happen to people that i consider good looking. i don't seem to get special treatment.

the only people that seem to gush about how gorgeous i am seem to be my family members, older women, and men over 40. i'm actually kind of sick of men over 40 grinning and flirting with me. i don't want to date my daddy. i've actually seen a marked increase in grown ass men [with cars, mortgages, and FAMILIES] flirting with me. this needs to stop pronto.

this whole disjointed thought process came from my weekly thought of why i'm still single. i used to think that it was because i was some hideous creature. but now i just realized that it currently comes down these four apparently extremely difficult qualifications that i have.

1) he's attracted to me
2) he's single
3) i'm attracted to him [this appears to be the most difficult qualification of all]
4) one of us does something about it

see. i guess my friends are right. my standards are too high.

*insert angst filled noise and falling off of chair*