Sunday, March 14, 2010

three random personal hair musings

*yes guy subscribers it's a hair blog...feel free to ignore*

1) i have no hair styling skills whatsoever.
every time i've tried any style other than 2-strand twists or single has ended in complete disaster. i TRIED to do flat twists last week...however this was on hair that had already been stretched with a braid out.
i should have known it wasn't going to come out right, my twists looked nothing like the nice lady in the youtube vid's...but i just shrugged and put on a scarf and went to bed.
the result?
the front of my head looked like it had been pressed, then i went to the sweatiest raunchiest club and sweated it out grinding on strangers. not cute.

stick to what you know.

2) just because a product is expensive doesn't mean it's good.

this should go without saying but sometimes people forget it. a 2 oz. travel bottle of bumble & bumble's creme de coco moisturizing conditioner from walmart the other day. [THAT SHIT WAS $8. FOR 2 OZ! and it's like $25 for 8 oz. i would like to meet the woman who can afford that shit...then i would slap her and tell her to donate it to chile and haiti and buy some herbal essences] i wanted to see if the product warranted the outrageous price

well i tried it and it was HORRIBLE. my hair was just as dry...i might as well have just shampoo'ed it and air-dried it. and i used it, adding coconut oil and deep conditioning for 2 hrs. smh. glad i didn't pay for it...ahem i mean...that i liberated it.

3) although i love henna, i have to give it a rest for a while.

at first i didn't believe the curl-loosening effects of henna since i've used it forever, but now it's become ridiculously apparent. while it is a good strengthener it DOES loosen the curl, but only the hair that was already more loosely curled in the first place.
my loosest hair is at the front of my head, it was already 3c, and with continued henna use it's making it start to wander into 3b territory. now this wouldn't be completely horrible if that 3c hair wasn't smack dab next to the 4a hair on my temples. any loosening effects on the 4a portions of my hair have been little to none. you can probably imagine how ridiculous that looks...if not here's a picture

i make the loveliest faces, i know.

why can't we all just be bald?


Mop Top Maven said...

First of all. I freaking love you and your blog.

Numero Dos; you are right on the money with commandment number two. I don't know how many times I was suckered into buying some ridiculously overpriced $shit in a jar basically, and wanted to slap myself for falling for the old okey doke.

I actually love the pictures of your hair towards the end!

destinylovely said...

look at the ingredients!!!! avoid to much of anything you cant say.
i use Jane Carter products (find at whole foods) shea butter, jojoba oil, kinky curly products.
the key is to leave the conditioner IN (or at least oil it up with real blue stuff). and comb through starting from the end and working slowly up. it sounds weird but trust. if you have the right conditioner it will be fine. set with braids or twist. leave in the conditioner, i don't even use leave in conditioner.
check out the older posts. she has a whole section on transitioning too.

rundva said...

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MINASEK said...

As a a new member I just discovered your blog. I will visit you every week. I hope you will do the same with mine. By the way I am totally agree with you. I only use in my hair product that I could eat and it is not expensive at all. In fact it is also very efficient.

Brit said...

Im a natua and I really like Jayne Carter products they are natural and gentle. Check out my blog some other good prodcuts that I've fallen in love with.

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