Tuesday, September 9, 2008

men lie. women lie. numbers lie too.

i HATE statistics.

after taking a few stats classes i've learned that any number can be manipulated to say what you want it to say.
i also know that people attempt to extrapolate to the larger population using very small sample sizes that may not be representative of the larger population or using very non-diverse [read: middle/upper middle class whites, college students...etc] samples that may skew results.

for example.

the survey used in this article that states that mccain is ahead in national polls uses a sample of 1,022 phone interviews carried over 3 days. this means that they only polled maybe 340 people per day [they could have done better for a national survey] and assuming that they even attempted to interview people from ALL 50 states [which i HIGHLY doubt] would mean that they only polled about 20-21 people per state.

maybe i'm just trying so hard to justify.
i'm trying SO HARD to believe that the american people aren't so dumb.
i'm REALLY trying hard to believe that white women did not fall for the ploy of mccain, and won't vote for him just because he has a white vagina owner as his veep. [http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20080909/pl_nm/usa_politics_women_dc]

people jumped on michelle for saying that she was proud for the first time in her country...

well i have never been proud of this country.
and i'm afraid that america will prove me right in electing john mccain simply because he's white and familiar.


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