Wednesday, September 10, 2008

silver medals.

one of the things that pisses me off to no end is being someone's "2nd choice"
i know it's mostly a pride thing but fuck it

this has happened to me for years and it's annoying as fuck. i was just reminded of it while i was absentmindedly watching some wack ass tv show that i don't remember the name of.

what i refer to as a silver medal: meaning a dude who knows me and my friend will try to get at a friend of mine.
when she either a) shuts him down completely
b) leads him on while he plays his face trying to make her wifey and shit
c) he realizes that he has more in common with me
d) he realizes that my friend ain't shit/is clingy/etc.
then i get this half ass "so what's up"

...nothing you ass.

i've actually had a guy tell me while he was dating my friend that i was his second choice. that supposed to be a compliment muthafucka?!?

and usually if my friend turns him down because of a), she has already told me all the things that is WRONG with said guy...why do you think i would want you?

i don't understand...

if somebody meets me and another girl that i know around the same time, and then decides to all out pursue that girl. it's slightly insulting that you kinda just decide to make a lame pass at me after things don't work like you plan.
because it seems like you're just settling for me and i'll pass on that shit. thanks.
you have already made your decision and you must live with it.

i have no interest in being a backup option.