Monday, December 28, 2009

bag lady.


i decided to clean out my bag today after being picked on all the time since everyone says it looks like a diaper bag and not being able to find anything in the abyss. it's a computer bag which i got because the straps kept breaking on all the cute purses i had from all my shit. i'm buying a new asap.

contents include but not limited to

-3 books (the brief wondrous life of oscar wao and drown by junot diaz & the autograph man by zadie smith)
-2 cds (j.cole and lupe fiasco mixtape)
-box of crayons
-5 1/2 candy canes
-a bag (yes, a bag) of lotion...i don't even remember why that's in there
-3 different types of hand lotion
-2 pairs of earrings
-scotch tape (no idea why that's in there)
-3 tubes of mascara
-half used bottled of carols daughter hair milk that i kept trying to make work since i paid for it...hated it

note how neither my keys, wallet, nor cell phone is in there?

i need to organize my life and minimize my space.

i feel like my bag is just indicative of other things i need to organize and get together



Anonymous said...

I think what’s in my bag is a reflection of my life, meaning it’s a mess. I think I’m going to do a post on the contents in my bag. There’s no telling what’s in there.

Anonymous said...

NGH...she said 'pack light' -_-

Junot Diaz is that dude...but Zadie Smith's "the autograph man" is not a good book...& J-Cole got Next.

I officially wanna be ya BFF...Blog Favorite about being deep :)

pb™ said...


the autograph man DOES suck, i couldn't even finish it...and it disappoints me because her other books are so good