Thursday, December 24, 2009

year one.

*warning...long post*'s been about one year since the last relaxer and i kinda love it.

even in high school i thought about stopping perms, but i was so attached to my long straight hair. then when i got to college and got it cut off freshman year due to dead ends and unevenness, i thought even harder about it. when it started to get thin and contrary during the first semester of my junior year that was it for me.

i have infinitely less bad hair days. i used to feel like my hair was so thin and i hated stick-y ponytails. [we've all seen the hot mess stick-y ponytail...when the head might move but the hair doesn't and it sticks straight out looking a dreadful mess]
now even if my hair is extra frizzy and kinky, i can just make it bigger and put on a headband and it looks like i did it on purpose.

what do i with it? i'm glad you asked.

1) i don't put heat on my hair. at all. i don't even own a blowdryer or flat iron. [good thing since my janky ass apt doesnt have outlets in the fucking bathrooms]

2) i henna it once a month. i've been henna-ing my hair since sophomore year when i was still relaxed...i really like the conditioning treatment it gives my hair and the slight reddish tinge.

3) i have a satin pillowcase & comforter because i'm too lazy to put on a bonnet or whatever so i just hop in the bed at night after dabbing a little moisturizer and un-smush in the morning if necessary.

i'm still an oyinhandmade addict. [they make awesome youtube vids too, here's another that shows you their process. how can you not love a business like that?] i'm probably one of their most loyal customers since i end up ordering something from them every month. the only time i've strayed is with qhemetbiologics amla and olive heavy cream [pretty good product, it's always out of stock though] or one time with carols daughter when i ran out of oyin and needed something to hold me over...i HATE carols daughter but i digress. i recommend...everything oyin makes. [except my beloved honeyhemp conditioner and juices&berries aren't good for the cold winter...but every other season = holy grail]

i shampoo when necessary with dr. bronners castile soap or baking soda. mostly cowash with herbal essences hello hydration and sometimes leave-in with aubrey organics honeysuckle rose conditioner.
my hair is pickypickypicky. if cheap drugstore shit worked on it, i'd use it...but even my hair is bourgie. most cheap stuff leaves it dry or greasy/ bueno. i've tried making my own stuff but it's hit and [extreme] miss, so i just buy other folks' stuff.

pictorial recap? i'm glad you asked that too.

long hair in 06/07. i'd be lying if i said i didn't miss'll be back soon enough.
thin w/scraggly ends in 08
[may] 5 months of transitioning, one night i just got irritated at the two textures and went to town in the bathroom. this is the day after i bc'd...kinda. note the permed ends still there
[june] ends still there. no idea why i was clinging on to hair i had to cut anyway.

[august] ends gone. have yet to learn the art of twisting/stretching my hair
[september] still haven't mastered twisting. my aforementioned texture differences are kinda noticeable here]
[november] started wearing twists out of the house. ignore my facial expression, i dont know any better
[mid-november] this is my version of a bad hair day now. it's disobedient, i put on a headband and ignore it
[december] twist-out mastered!
gratuitous. i took this last sunday cuz i thought i looked cute.

my hair stretched reaches my shoulders in a layered fashion.
i don't know if that's shorter or faster growth than normal.
so far i think this thing on my head is awesome. i have a lot more styling options and it grows so much faster. i've even inspired one of my best friends to consider it. [i doubt she'll actually go through, but it's a start] i love whenever i see a kinky comrade we always end up talking about hair and exchanging compliments and tips.

it's christmas eve and i'm out of juice...i've been tweaking this post for like a week. most people probably won't read this until i post again anyway since everybody's doing december things.

natural hair ftw.


Chelsea Jackson said...

hey cute pictures I just started transitioning in may of this year. I think i plan to do the BC in may of next year. The headband you're wearing the the last picture do you have any idea where you got it at? It is super adorable!

Also, i know they're expensive but have you tried miss jessie's products. They work wonders. The salon is amazing too. I haven't gone to get anything done there its expensive but its amazing.

Anyway, thanx for the post. I'm starting a new blog on my transitioning process. I'm writing a few articles over the next couple of days so I can drop them on the new year.

Kendra said...

I love ur hair nd all its curliness! I'm a transitioner...havent had the heart to cut off my perm ends but this blog is definitely an inspiration for me to cut of those annoying dead ends one of these day.

pb™ said...

thanks guys!

i got the headband at urban outfitters, it was a christmas gift to myself lol
in my old age, i've become a bit of a hippie and mostly use natural products on my body/hair. that and it is expensive and i can't see myself paying that much for something that isn't natural and people have such polarizing reviews of it...i'd be real mad if i paid that much for it and my hair didn't like it, i learned that the hard way with kinky-curly products. now if someone gave it to me as a gift i'd use it happily lol

can't wait to read your blog!

go ahead and cut it! it'll make your hair easier to deal with instead of the two textures

Chanel said...

looooove it

Shanel Nicole said...

Great Blog... Your adorable ~
Your hair is beautiful~

Victoria Angelita said...

it's very pretty. the transitioning was hardest for me. but when i see other people find success in the entire process, i feel more inspired.

you look gorgeous :)

Trend$etter said...

Oh boy cousin...I want to do it. Ive thought about it several times but Im scared lol. I also think that my head is too long for me to have it shorter than the drastic (for me anyway) cut I did back in september. It has grown back thankfully and is about 2 or 3 inches away from its past length back in september. I do know who to come to IF I ever get the courage to transition lol.

Chrissystina said...

i love your style!