Tuesday, December 1, 2009

disjointed rant

*feel free to ignore this*

i haven't blogged in a while because i've simply lacked motivation to talk about anything...anything that does interest me has been overblogged and done to the point that anything i would write would just be unnecessary assholish fluff

i have no motivation...i average about 4 hrs of sleep a night doing absolutely nothing...
i envy those who know what they want to do after graduation since they have a goal to work towards...i honestly have absolutely no clue...so it's just like wtf am i doing this for? but then again most of those things that people know they are doing are things i have no interest in (law school, med school, teach for awhile)
they (who the fuck are they?) say that college is the best years of your life before you have real responsibilities...if these are the best years, i am fucked.

everything and everyone bores me.
everybody with their preening, and posing, and look-at-me-ness...it's sensory overload. and i'm a hypocrite! what am i doing now? talking about me me me.

i need minimalism...maybe i'll pull a janelle monae and only wear black and white and let my mind be the color

blah i'm just sick of everything
sick of school...i have b's in all my classes, this does not make me happy or sad...i don't care.
sick of work
sick of my face
but not sick of my hair...though i am sick of talking about it
sick of being ignored
sick of being seen
sick of halfass awards shows
sick of name brand clothes
sick of r&b bitches over bullshit tracks

i'm not even making sense anymore...
maybe i just need sleep.


Chanel said...

ditto. i think it's an uninspiring season (fall/winter)?

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

I've felt like this before...the inspiration/muse/etc. will come...just sit back, enjoy life while you can, and chill. Trust me, there are days when I would love to be back in undergrad :)

nia said...

You know I wanted to catch up on your blog and I started to type pbwithou... And I was like dang nia... That's old. I have been a fan of your writing style and intellect for quite a while now, and you'll figure this whole life step how somehow. You all ways do.

the.kisser said...

i need minimalism...maybe i'll pull a janelle monae and only wear black and white and let my mind be the color. <--- that is such an amazing line!


questionmark said...

you know them stakes is high!


pb >>>>>>>