Saturday, September 12, 2009

he's just not that into you

so i was having a discussion with a friend about how i'm bored and according to her, if i was so bored, i should just ask a guy out.

call me old fashioned, but i seriously believe if a guy really likes a girl he's going to go after her, no matter how shy or timid he may be. and i think a guy going after the girl usually means he's into her more. at the beginning of the relationship, the dude should be more into the girl and it evens out as it progresses. if a girl pursues a guy and he's just kinda feeling her but not really, that usually leads to foolishness like laziness, cheating, and keyed cars.

i also believe that the guy should do the majority of the approaching. that's not to say that i think girls should just sit and wait to get picked. anything from hovering in his vicinity and smiling to starting small talk or just happening to show up wherever he is [sike, that's stalker shit] can let a dude know that 'hey i'm noticing you, and wouldn't mind if you noticed me too!' if he doesn't pick up on it, he's probably a stupid, and nobody wants a stupid.

people say i'm intimidating but i think that's a bunch of horseshit. i'm not intimidatingly gorgeous and i'm not going to emasculate a dude if he hits on me and i don't want him. if a dude respectfully drops hints or outright comes out and says something [rare] and i'm not interested i'll subtly send signals saying so [keeping conversations short but still polite]. but if you come with some foolishness i will try my best to hurt your feelings. i told a guy to kill himself once...i don't feel bad...he was an asshole.

i don't think i could ever get to the point where i would ask a guy out in addition to the aforementioned reason, i'm just fucking awkward. i feel most girls don't really have "game" we just kind of show a little boob and smile and usually that's all we have to do.

eh...i'll just adopt a dog.
i want a cockeyed black pug. i like ugly dogs.

i could never be a writer...i just start typing about guys and end up googling black pugs...


Cecelia said...

i feel almost the exact opposite. i hate waiting on guys to approach me because i feel like that leaves me in a "take what comes your way" situation. id rather seek out what i want and then go after it.

Chanel said...

HAHA I think I would rather be approached than do the approaching but I DID put the moves on my current boy. I guess it worked because we've been together for over a year ;)

pb™ said...

see i admire ya'll that can be bold and take what you want. it just doesn't work for me.

and i've been disillusioned by guy friends that have told me how girls hit on them and they're up for fucking her if they think she's hot, even have a bullshit ass relationship but are still waiting around for someone they're actively interested in.

maybe i should get guy friends that aren't such lazy assholes.

after some guy hit on me today i completely understand what you're talking about cece, if i gotta wait around just to get shit like that i should consider going on the offensive