Monday, September 14, 2009

i can do bad sitting in my house with my money in my wallet.

i have ranted about tyler perry many a time before.

i don't think this dude even TRIES.
his movies are exactly the same and big name black actors sign up because they know it's a guaranteed check.

i haven't seen his new movie and don't plan on it. but i bet i know what it entails...

troubled black woman needs help finding her way in life.
madea shows up at random ass times for comic relief.
black woman goes through some sort of adversity with an unsavory character.
she finds her good black man [usually blue collar, the rich black men are always the bad guys, unless they are played by tyler perry himself]who shows her how to love and not be an asshole.
they go to church at some point.
somebody is on drugs and/or was molested as a child.
they dance in a club/cookout/in the middle of the street.
and all the men happen to be fine.

let's google and see if i'm right.

my bad. i was wrong.
tyler perry has evolved as a director.

black woman finds her good hispanic man. not black.
i apologize.

sidenote: if tyler perry can't do anything in this world, he can cast some fine ass men. i need to put csi: miami on my watch list... adam rodriguez plays a mexican in this movie and he is clearly puerto rican. but you know all those hispanohablantes are mexican anyway...

anywho...seeing that tyler perry has this inexplicable drawing power and influence in hollywood, why not use it? take a risk and make some art. he'd at least get some butts in the seat opening weekend before the church crowd realizes it's not all about jesus. or at the very least let others use his production studio to make shit that isn't completely predictable and scripted. well, apparently he's bought the rights to 'for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf' now i haven't seen the play and i've only glanced at the written choreopoem, but from what i gather, it's a pretty heavy serious piece about black women. i really don't see him doing this justice without it being contrived and...well...bad. but what do i know?

however i see that mary j. blige and gladys knight are singing in this 'i can do bad all by myself'. so if those ladies are your cup of tea, i guess you could accept someone else buying your ticket to see this movie.

i just want him to do better and not do the same movie every 6 months.

however, what i really would like to do is shoot him in the calf for 'meet the browns' the tv show. but i digress...


Anonymous said...

Everybody, including me, has been blogging about his terrible movies. I find it funny how I always get in debates with people about how crappy his movies are. I was floored when I heard about 'for colored girls’. I guess since it’s not actually Tyler Perry material it won’t be as bad as everything else he touches at least that’s what I’m hoping.

Selah said...


I died at your plot synopsis. It was spot on, minus the hispanic man. Lol. Oh and I been on csi: miami, cuz he is fire. Lol

Beautifully.Conjured.Up said...

Your post title was!!

The last one that I paid to go see was The Family That Prays, and it was alright...I just don't know what real man would have taken that much shit from a woman. However, I did enjoy Why Did I Get Married. Other than that, I'm not a huge TP movie fan.

You're right about him putting fine ass men in his movies....hmmmm, I wonder why (I won't touch that subject)???

Chanel said...

ahaha You are SO right about his damn movies
The woman who wrote "For colored girls" came to my school last month and her stuff is pretty serious. I don't see how Madea will fit in at all, but you know... Dang, he better not mess this up

Gem said...

Girl we mute the TV every time the commercials for 'Meet the Coons' or 'House of Coons' comes on.

My husband said he just knows his next movie is gonna be something like: Tyler Perry's Mama Done Told Yo Ass

Why is my word verification 'Mabel'? O_o

the.kisser said...

yeah...tyler perry suffers from jagged edge syndrome...all his shit sounds the same..LOL