Friday, January 23, 2009


ohmygoodness this is soooooo racist
ohmygoodness they said the n-word!

i've read all the lyrics of the song. never at any point do they put down any race of people. how is stating that the president is black or that his house is comprised of white people racist? people who scream for a post-racial society are first of all idiots.
there is nothing wrong with seeing color. i want you to recognize that i'm black. the problem comes in when you make judgments about me and how i should be treated based on it. avoiding talking about race or stating ethnicities does not make it disappear and people annoy me to no end when they get upset that race is even brought up. i will agree that sometimes it gets overdone and even i get tired of it always coming up. but you're never going to get past something if you just ignore it.

and michelle malkin is a hack. but nazz though? at least look up the proper pronunciation.

now this however, racist as fuck. i actually thought that they were joking.


Jervis said...

im mad he said drunken negro heads like it was nothing,smh

Derek said...


My President /is/ black.

Ain't that some hot shit?

I mean, I told you about how I simply gush over the man. But hearing Jay Z put into such simple terms.

No more white lies/My President is black!

Blacktigre said...

Watched a bunch of these commentary videos on jays lyrics.. The oriley one in particular made me wish violent evil things upon that man... soo much intolerance.. breathe....