Wednesday, January 28, 2009


if i don't like it, i don't like it, that don't mean i'm hating - common

i want the word hater to die.

for example.
i like a few of beyonce's songs but i think most of her lyrics are stupid. and then the dizzy bitch claims to write the stupid ass songs when it has been proven that she doesn't and if she does it's with other writers [ne-yo] either that or she reinterprets struggling artists' demos [jazmine sullivan] wack. she's a good performer

i occasionally may fuck with a weezy song. but usually in the middle of the song i'll just be are you talking about. you may think it's cool that he doesn't write anything down. fuck that. sometimes planning is a good thing. on one song he went from talking about buttfucking to saying his abc's. the man is on drugs people. stop supporting his habit.

kanye... he used to be awesome. now he's just a cunt putting out barely acceptable music and blogging in all caps acting like he's reinventing the wheel. biting t-pain's barely tolerable style doesn't make you different, it actually makes you just like everyone else.

when i smh at these folks i'm a hater.
i just feel that these people can do better and people hype them up to be so awesome when there are so many people better than them
shit, if that's what a hater is i'll be that.


hb said...

um duh beyonce doesn't have a brain. which is why doesn't do a lot of interviews lol. i still wonder what she and jay-z talk about.

yes weezy is on drugs.

kanye is a cunt. i dont wanna hear anything else from him. i will continue to crank late registration.
i just want him and bey to disappear for a while...

questionmark said...

that wayne verse you're referring to was actually damn ill. "i get paid by the letter, A, B, C, etc."

you keep up a flow for 30+ bars and keep saying mildly entertaining things, written or freestyled

brittneypb said...

my brain kind of entered 'no thank you' mode after "i will butt fuck your friend, and butt fuck and butt fuck again"

my vagina inhibits me from acknowleding the ill-ness after that point

questionmark said...

vagina jealous of the anal action?