Sunday, January 4, 2009

late pass.

i haven't blogged [or done much of anything lately] because i have nothing to talk about
and i've been distracted by the newest love of my life.
[the zune, not reggie bush]

i bought [yes, bought] a new album a few days ago. i'm kinda miffed that i accidently copped the edited version. if someone wants to send me the unedited that'd be pretty great.
excuse my lateness but it's pretty awesome. i had the mixtape sitting on my desktop for quite some time but never actually listened to it, but had been blasting the stay up! [viagra] remix for a little bit. i finally just broke down and bought the mp3 album because i got paid and felt like i shouldn't be a pirate for once.

i feel like i have been out of school for forever and there is still another week left until it starts back. yay?

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