Thursday, January 15, 2009

what the hell.

Oscar Grant III

Adolph Grimes III

Robbie Tolan

all of this happened within the span of a few days
what is really going on?
all of these guys were either unarmed or were apprehended by plainclothes police officers so they had no idea that they were being arrested.
the police aren't talking and believe that they should be cleared.
at least in the case of oscar grant, the dude was arrested, but that's probably only because he's resigned and his murder was actually caught on tape.

but why do you need to shoot people?

i really don't want to say it's racial profiling but you don't ever hear of white men who are subdued on the ground getting shot.

why do you need to shoot an unarmed person?
i understand that police are afraid and nervous about potentially dying, but so are the people that they are apprehending.

in the cases other than the BART one, obviously the problem is the police just don't know what the fuck they're doing.

rolling up on someone in a car for a drug bust [out of uniform] when they don't have any drugs.
seems like unfortunately for grimes he happened to have a [legal] weapon.
now if 9 people in regular ass clothes surround my car, and i have a gun. what do you think i'm going to do?

and i'm just trying to imagine pulling up in my driveway after going to get some food and a cop just rolls up and accuses me of stealing my own damn car. what do you do?

the worst thing is...i didn't feel the need to say anything about it
because it didn't surprise me.
i mean, sure it's an outrageous thing, but is it really surprising?
people always ask me why i take my camera everywhere and i [half jokingly] say 'you never know when you'll see some black guy getting rodney king'd and he needs some evidence'

what the hell.
post-racial society my ass.

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