Friday, January 23, 2009


i kinda feel bad for the guy.

it sucks to have the whole world hate you and glad to see you go.
especially when it wasn't all your fault.

i honestly think his problem was that he had no fucking idea what he was doing. and his advisers didn't help him the way he needed to be helped.

he's like that spoiled frat boy that just wants to party and hang with his friends and is forced by his daddy to get a real job. he seems like he'd be fun to go out drinking with. having control over my life? not so much.
i hope he can go and do what he really wants to do now and clear brush and hunt or whatever it is that old white men do in texas.

i mean i still wouldn't argue him going down as the worst president in history. even though it wasn't completely his fault, he does have to take responsibility for the actions done by his administration in his name.

and because he did so crappy, people have placed unrealistic expectations on obama. he's not superman, so he won't possibly be able to reverse all these problems that have been building up since before bush was even in office. but hopefully he can make a nice little headway into some progress. the worst we can do is stay the same.

blah. i'm going to make some eggs and toast.

EDIT: NVM. fuck him. obviously these people don't give a fuck about our health, environment, or future generations


hb said...

my friends also stated how bad they feel for him when we were watching the inauguration. he's the most hated person in the world.
which is why it's funny that he was president for 2 whole terms. whatev.

he was a puppet.

hb said...

oh wow. midnight rules.
yea. hahaha. hahahahaha. they really don't.

kari said...

i have never heard this type of opinion about the president. i do agree about that he did not single-handily created all the problems that people expect obama to accomplish overnight. this blog entry has really put me to ease. Wonderful writing.