Monday, February 16, 2009

chris brown'd

[it's kinda sad that in his 2-3 year career he's been reduced to a euphemism for domestic violence]

but anyway.

me and my friend were going to wal-mart.
and as we're slowing down at a stop light i look over and see a man reach back and punch the female passenger beside him in the face. and then grab her by the back of the head and push it into the dashboard twice.

i really hope i misinterpreted what i saw and they were just a couple playing around.
i'm not a big fan of really divulging my forreal personal life, but i was quite acquainted with domestic violence in the past and there's really no excuse to hit a woman, especially a defenseless one.

i'm aware that some women act a fool and start hitting on a man. but men are usually bigger and stronger than women. he can easily just hold her arms and control her or just walk away. and there's a big difference between fighting back to get someone to stop hitting you, and all out beating their ass.

now if a dude's girl is big bertha or a trained fighter and she's beating his ass, fighting back is acceptable, but that's rarely the case when a dude hits a woman. the dude's usually some insecure asshole who doesn't have respect for himself or others. or he's just crazy.


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