Friday, February 6, 2009

good day.

i need a good day.

one where i just wake up when i feel like it.
long shower. throw on a well worn favorite tee and some beat up jeans and chucks.
like what i see in the mirror and my hair isn't contrary.

eat some sushi or something involving guacamole. and some blue gummi sharks.
wander around with some friends to random places where there aren't a lot of people.
have enough money to spend if necessary.
take lots of random photos.

end the day with white wine and silly laughter before falling asleep in some random place not worrying about what i have to do the next day.

i think that only happens in movies.
right before some dramatic shit is about to happen.

1 comment:

Cee.A.Don.Is said...

I be wishing for the same thing... sans the guacamole... not a fan of guacamole, but I feel you