Saturday, February 28, 2009


so i've been using oyin [which is yoruba for honey] products for about 2 years now. hands down the best products ever and i love it that much more now that i'm naturalizing and shit. it makes it ohhhhhhhh so easy. i refuse to use cheaper, generic hair products [i've tried and they don't compete] which is probably why i'm so broke most of the time. but the prices aren't too bad, nothing is more than $11 in its regular size, however i tend to stock up on the large sizes which runs me about $18 per bottle of conditioner. but it's sooooooo worth it.

it's made by a husband and wife duo out of baltimore. and everything is handmade fresh right when you order it. and they send you a piece of honey candy with every order.

it really doesn't matter what type of hair texture you have.
when i permed my hair the conditioner made de-tangling obsolete and my hair air dried straight for the most part. now it just defines the natural curl pattern of my hair and makes it extra silky soft and obedient. if they went out of business i would just die...or i would drive to baltimore and force them to tell me exactly how to make everything.

i'm not quite sure why i just felt compelled to rave about this.
hopefully it's useful to someone.

*exiting girly mode now*

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hb said...

i need a job asap.