Saturday, February 7, 2009

the hype.

i don't get it.
why is lady gaga considered so awesome?
i listened to some of her songs and i felt like i heard them before sometime around '98

then i saw the video.
oh. that's why.

she's all "stylish" and "futuristic"
if you don't have the music to back it up, who cares?
not saying i wouldn't hop around in a gay club drunkenly to it. but i wouldn't put it on my mp3 player. but i guess that's the only purpose of it.

sometimes i wish music videos were never invented and people were just judged on their songs. but then people that are great performers but not that great of singers [i.e. janet jackson, kylie minogue, madonna] wouldn't have careers

this is all personal opinion but i think people are so sick of the wack shit out now that whenever something is "different" it's hailed as great *cough808sandheartbreakcough* even though it really isn't better, it's just different.

but hey if it weren't for music videos, then we wouldn't be blessed with the "ever-stylish" songstress rihanna.

she went from this

to this in about a year.

and still can't sing OR dance.
i hope she pays her stylists handsomely.

what was i talking about?
and what's with these wale blog titles...

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hb said...

that video was bad lol