Monday, May 18, 2009


so i was talking to one of my friends about guys and blahblahblah. and how it doesn't really matter if he isn't gorgeous if he's a cool ass person.

then i said. "you will never in never neverland hear two men having this conversation. ever."
you will never hear a man say i mean she wasn't that cute, but she was so funny and cool to talk to that i went out with her anyway and she grew on me. i don't really think that men stick around long enough for a woman to grow on them.

and why is that?

i remember one time this stupid couple had a facebook debacle. the girl found out he had been cheating on her through the girl he was cheating with and posted every aim conversation that he had with the other girl on facebook. now the girlfriend wasn't the prettiest girl around, but she damn sure didn't deserve that kind of treatment [even though she was so immature to put him on blast online] the other girl was pretty and the boyfriend actually said in his convos with the other girl that his girlfriend wasn't pretty enough for him and his status and he needed a better looking girl. even though he claimed to be in love and all that bullshit, he was still looking around for a better looking girl, just because.
clearly he was an asshole, but he's not unique.

[most] girls know that looks fade, why don't guys?

several people have told me that i shouldn't cut my hair off because i won't be pretty. i beg to fucking differ. i may not be the most gorgeous around, but i know somebody will like my black ass short-haired or not. and i'll probably like the guys who can appreciate my hair better than the guys who thought i was cute just because i had long hair.

[random aside: one time this stranger thought it would be ok to run his fingers through my hair. just walked up behind me and did it. i had to restrain myself that day.]

actually this whole post has been a random aside.
i should take the time to plan these things out than just hopping on a computer on my lunch break...


Chanel said...

trust me, you wont look ugly. if i can do it with my long ass oval face, anyone can.

Selah said...

"but i know somebody will like my black ass short-haired or not."

VERY TRUE. I've found that men will try and get at you no matter the hairstyle. LOL

I just wanna know why women are so willing to accept the not-so-good-looking men. it's like a habit! It always makes me think of Beauty and the Beast --- do you think a man woulda fell in love with Belle had she been horrendous looking? hell naw!! LOL LOL

hb said...

one of my reasons for cutting my hair was what was said to you.
and in fact, more guys tried to talk to me after my cut.
hmmm... lol

guys that dig girls with short hair know you got that "idk what other's think" mentality. so... do whatever makes you happy :)

u know i'm for the cut

Twodecadesofwondering said...

I think you would look cute with an afro or just shorter straight hair.

D. Victor said...

People told me not to get dreads and I did it anyways