Monday, May 4, 2009

help me please!

if you're reading this please give me some suggestions.

so one of my main things i really feel necessary before i cut my hair is to clear my skin up since the focus will definitely be on my face.
but my face didn't seem to get that memo.

it's not necessarily the acne as it is some acne scars on my face which seem to be in it for the long haul. no matter whether i wash my face twice a day and use the leave-on gel stuff, it does not seem to fade.

and when that time comes around i tend to get the same pimples in the same place where the marks are. so when the go back down the marks seem reinvigorated or something.

plus i have dry skin, so using these products tends to make it worse.
i've currently been using ddf products [it was a gift obvi, i'm cheap!], but companies tend to assume that if you break out you must have oily ass skin, which i don't

help me please!


Cecelia said...

dunno what kind of fix youre looking for, but i had really horrendous scarring-- well actually its not "scarring" technically its called "post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation" which is what it sounds like you have (dark spots, right?) they fade on their own but if i were you i'd get a prescription for retin-a (my prescription is for retin-a but i use the generic stuff, tretinoin b/c retin-a is way more drying).. its fucking amazing, to be honest. it doesnt work overnight but my scars are definitely going away and it makes the rest of my skin (the parts that arent dark marks) look a lot better also.

as far as the actual breaking out, again you would have to go to a derm for this but i was on something called spironolactone. basically my derm said if im 21 and my "teenage" acne hadnt cleared up by now it was probably not going to go away. i tried birth control pills first and they didn't help that much. the spiro stuff worked really well, i never got huge pimples but those stupid little small ones and it made them go away completely. i was on it for about 8 months, ive been off for about 2 months now just b/c i ran out and the bumps havent returned.. so im hoping it lasts.

hope that helps! not gonna lie, its more expensive than over-the-counter stuff but its worked really well for me.

Chanel said...

i use all natural and vegan products on my face and it seems to help a lot. I use Desert Essence Thoroughly Clean Face Wash and Daily Essential Facial Moisturizer. The moisturizer has Aloe Vera which repairs skin and it moisturizes but doesn't make my face oily. for spot treatment I use the Tea Tree blemish stick. The less you use on your face the better! Don't use a lot of products with a bunch of chemicals, that just freaks your skin out!
You can find Desert Essence Products here: or at places like Trader Joes, Whole Foods or other natural stores. Also, it's very affordable! The place I buy the face wash sells it for like $5. The blemish stick is the most expensive at almost $10.

And once you cut off all of your hair the attention will most definitely be on your hair and probably not so much on your face, trust me haha

Derek said...

I have acne scars, but since I'm so dark, they're not really visible unless you use flash on a camera (which, of course, is why I hate using flash).

Since you're light, am I'm neither vegan nor rich enough to get prescriptions, I'd go for some CAREFULLY APPLIED Ambi or some other skin lightener.

Controversial? Yes, but check online to see what's up. There might be a good way to do it so you wouldn't end up looking like a speckled pup.

pb™ said...

thanks guys!

MINUS derek.

ambi...que loco...

Derek said...

The woman on the box has clear skin!